Hes out.
He's out. JOHN E

Less than 50 days before election day, defense attorney Daron Morris announced on Facebook that he's suspending his run for King County Prosecutor "due to medical reasons." Doesn't seem like he wants to say much more about it, either: "Beyond that information, I ask for privacy for myself and my family," he wrote.

The public defender was hoping to unseat three-term incumbent Dan Satterberg by running with a more progressive slate of reforms. Satterberg was a Republican until last May.

Here's Morris's full post on Facebook:


Statement from Satterberg:

This morning I received an email from my opponent explaining his decision to suspend his campaign for health reasons. I wish Mr. Morris all the best in his recovery.

While his campaign may be suspended, his name will still appear on the ballot, and he will be in the voters’ guide arriving to voters throughout King County. The campaign has made it clear to me that this election is a rare chance to educate the public about the work of the Office of Prosecuting Attorney. There are only 46 days until election day, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to share the good work of this office in our approach to public safety and criminal justice system innovations. I will continue to work to retain the trust and support of the people of King County.

Riall Johnson, consultant for Morris, said he was not aware of the candidate's health complications when he signed on in April. "Considering [Morris's] past history with hardship, I know this has to be serious," he said. "As serious as it gets."

Johnson said he knew the decision wasn't easy, but wouldn't say more out of respect for Morris's request for privacy.

Despite this loss, Johnson said he's proud of what the campaign accomplished. "For one, our prosecutor is a Democrat now. We're now talking about bail reform, and the LEAD program is being expanded into Burien. This wouldn't have happened if we hadn't run," he said. "[Morris] did more for criminal justice reform this year than a lot of people. We're going to find a way to carry on the fight."