Yo, man-bun, perhaps a more accurate title would have been "Lime Bike Raises Prices After City Charges $250,000 fee to Operate Business"

ya think?


Parked terribly as usual. See how it's spilling out onto the sidewalk and could easily trip someone or annoy a blind person.


Which Erica C. Barnett tweet did you steal this scoop from?


How does this sound for a conspiracy theory:

Scott Kubly gets leaves City of Seattle
Scott Kubly starts working for Limebike
Limebike expands operations in Seattle
Other bikeshares also expand/enter the seattle market
"Oh noes! competition!"cries Scott Kubly
Scott Kubly uses contacts at city of seattle to impose new fees against bikeshare companies
Other bikeshare companies leave market due to increased fees from the city
City effectively runs Limebikes competition out of town
Limebike mysteriously sticks
Limebike, now with no competition(thanks city of seattle), raises prices.
Limebike more profitable...woohoo Scott! get a kickback for that?

Now just watch...sometime over the next 2 years, the city will rescind the onerous fees.

Kubly was a crook in Portland...and an even bigger crook in Seattle...and the beat goes on.

Now, instead of smoking weed all day long and working on man-bun styling - do some damn investigative sleuthing and reporting.....or have Erika eventually do it for you.


edit feature sure would be nice......


Don't forget. Kubly was working for Pronto before he got the SDOT job in Seattle. He lied about it, got caught, and paid $5000 of a possible 100k fine. And also the 250k per year is going to be spent on bike parking for those bikes. Since Lime is the only company out there right now, it is like giving the money back as a free infostructure project for them. Kubly is a thief.


Sawant and the city council really stuck it to those capitalist pigs, didn’t they?!? Oops.


We are surprised by the price increase because??????


FYI to new users: you can sign up for Lime’s low income plan if you’re on any state service, which reduces the cost ~50%.


I support the Vandalism, Parking in Water, Trees, and other inaccessible place. And outright theft of these "bikes". JS'n


I don't know their strategy but it's also possible their loss-leader period was over and they're trying to turn a profit. Seattle Bike Blog says Jump and Lyft bikes are coming soon, and I some point I imagine Uber will as well, all of which could stabilize prices.

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