Can't wait to see how the bootlickers defend this one


@1: Well, hope you brought a good book because your narrative isn't turning out the way you expected (and want) it to.


You forgot to mention there were five guns found at the scene including one near Kimmons. The officers saw muzzle flashes as they pulled up to the scene. Also, The Oregonian reported that Daves Bread has no record of Kimmons having been an employee.


This author is prone to include descriptions the person(s) was shot in the back in his articles. A persons instinct in a shooting is to find cover which will most likely not be in the direction of the officers firing at him. The situation becomes significantly more dangerous if the person finds cover and returns fire. Officers are trained to put many rounds on target accurately (accuracy is the tough part) and quickly until the target is down. Most people with a modicum of training can fire a pistol at a rate of at least 4 rounds per second. So, a person not behind cover when the shooting starts is likely to have bullet wounds on the back and side of their body.

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