Good ol' Louie.

On one of Louie Cock Kreeper's teevee shows, he hits it off with a blind-dateish gal, they go parkiing, she ends up blowing him, kinda/sorta against his will, and then demands CK reciprocate -- he says no, she slugs him in the face or jaw and then he complies with her wishes.

So, this shit was already there.


Where can I get hold of some of those cyanide capsules??? Someone’s damn dog keeps shiting on my grass. I’d like to kill the owner, but I’d settle for killing the mutt.


And those whom can't must empathy for cancer victims despite politics are spiritually ill and need our prayers as well.


Louis CK is funny as hell. Sucks about the shit he did, but funny is funny.

Meanwhile, a guy who has done, and continues to do, vile shit every day is still president of the united states.


Louis CK has done some amazingly funny standup work. Same goes for Bill Cosby.

It is possible to be an absolute irredeemable bastard and still be hilarious. Or otherwise talented, for that matter. Art doesn't really care about the moral fiber of its makers. Art, like so many other things in life, isn't fair.


I refuse to believe that the EpiPen 'shortage' is anything but man-made. As I understand it, the injectors were originally developed by the U.S. military to deliver intramuscular Atropine in the event of a Sarin nerve gas attack and were/are manufactured in the millions for our soldiers.

Also, I remenber when EpiPens were $25, then they went up to $600 and are now down to a 'reasonable' $300.

Big Pharma is pure fucking evil. And I mean Dick-Cheney-Evil™.


Unlike Nathalie, Louis CK was always funny. Always a scumbag too.


Louie C.K. and Cosby aren't "art."


10: Stand-up is popular art. Whether you like it or not.


Specifically it's a performing art. Unless you actually believe in the notion that high or fine art is somehow distinct from popular culture. But that is seriously dated thinking. In terms of artistry and skill a great stand-up comic is as much an artist as any live performer.


Does the legality of e-scooters really make a difference? I'd rather see law enforcement go after lowlife heroin junkies that break our car windows to steal loose change and sunglasses than scooter violators.


While Fox News picked up some audience members who were into LCK and wrote about how well received he was.

Not that it means anything much, but I have some curiosity where things actually fell on the attitude spectrum.


Imagine being so dumb and self-absorbed that you think you alone decide what "art" is.


"Pee in a violin for Paul Allen" would have been a much better headline and a lot more effective too


Fuck Paul Allen. The rich deserve the torment they get.


The poetry is write large:
* Paul Allen
* Steve Jobs
Two of humanity's greatest cancers die of cancer.
Homer could not have written it better.


@16: Except Barbra Streisand, okay? Please?


"There was wild applause when the host announced him, and a warm send-off when he left. “You’ve been very kind, thank you very, very much,” the comedian said from the stage."

Lol. I think he will be on tour soon.



I believe the word you're looking for is "entertainer"...


metoo dogma is a bad religion. If there is no redemption for C.K., or any other person who does stupid shit, then we have a major problem on our hands. He acknowledged being a dirtbag. He has a right to make a living.

"Workers can now use their pretax wages to pay for transit! Seattle will now require businesses to allow workers to use pretax wages to fund Orca cards. I mean, great seems like a stretch. They’re still paying for it. But, at least it’s subsidized and there will be savings. Let’s go with “this is a good alternative.” The measure passed unanimously in the city council."

They should pay for their bus ticket. It's not the employers responsibility to pay for bus tickets. Another example of this endless pit of self-entitled think.


@16 Kshama, is that you?


Keep L.A and California out of the Stranger.


Worth noting: Paul Allen also just donated $100K to House Rapeublicans in order to ensure that they continue attacking and defunding our health care system so that the rest of us can’t afford treatment and die from cancer.


The old ones used by the military were often contaminated and weren’t sturdy enough to put in 70# backpacks. There are ZERO active duty troops with severe allergy. Period.

The price IS overwhelming but these are AMAZING pens. There is a new lipid lowering drug that costs $15,000 for 6 injections BECAUSE it has a pen that delivers 6 doses by just pushing a plunger--no need to even see the pen.

Also PLEASE remember that many patients are blind--YOU don’t see them as many are house bound.

Diabetics used to draw up their own insulin using TINY needles/syringes and a clear solution in a multi-dose vial. BIG problem. Diabetics all develop eye problems so they screw up dosages---so insulin ALSO went to these pens that don’t allow for error WHICH is why insulin went up in price.

So. Do we go back to cheap meds with an inefficient way to inject them?

I work in very impoverished areas so I have taught patients to go back to a multi-dose vial (a small glass container with rubber insert so that you can insert a needle, draw out the med, then it seals itself) BUT they all contain preservatives and you know how nuts Dems are about preservatives.
Anyway my poor patients have epinephrine and insulin in multi-dose vials and I give a LOT of free home visits and counseling to make sure they’re doing it all right.



“lowlife heroin junkees?”

So if a trust fund kid or a wealthy man drink Patron or Cristal champagne ($800/bottle) they’re ok, cause alcohol is legal even if it causes 10 times early death than “heroin.”

Wow. Your compassion is underwhelming.


21: I don't make that distinction. Art can be entertainment and entertainment can rise to art.



Trust fund kids drinking booze aren’t breaking into homes or cars or stealing bikes to feed their habit.


@27: Typically people who drink expensive Champagne are are doing well in life and are not a threat to the lives and safety of others.

Actually, calling it like it is, is more compassionate. Folks elevating slow death spirals of heroin addiction into alternative choices demanding that we must be "compassionate" over it actually causes more suffering to those so afflicted in the final analysis.

Addicts latch on to any semblance of authority that reinforces their decision to inject poisons into their veins, and that's why "safe-injection" sites are so catastrophic to our society.



But, you don't get to decide which is which for everyone else. Your opinion is your opinion, nothing more. History will have the final say as to who is or is not an "artist", as it always does in these matters.


"...go back to his hole in the ground and camp out there for at least a year, maybe indefinitely."

I get it. You have a Puritan streak that places sexual crimes at the top of the list of shitty things people can do to another. Not. All. Women. Are. Like. You. Stop shoving your values down other people's throats. If it is fair game to suggest wiping out an individual's work 'indefinitely' based on your morals - it is fair for me to suggest same. After us, its just us two women here. We are morally superior and know what is best for others - right?

Name a few artists you really like - I am sure I can find something they have done that I find abhorrent, offensive and off-putting. I will then pen a screed DEMANDING this person be stuck in a hole, depriving you of their work based on MY morals and what upsets ME. How does that thought sit with you?

The Stranger - your one stop for totalitarian ideas wrapped up in progressive arrogance.


Did y'all see that set at the Cellar by Ted Alexandro? He roasted CK pretty well.


31: I'm not entirely sure how that's relevant to my point since I'm responding to someone who does think she has a monopoly on what is art and what isn't. I'm straight up saying I'm not concerned with those distinctions. But as for what goes into it, stand-up is as much an artform as anything else if only in the sense that it requires artistry. I don't care future historians think because I don't live in the future.


If you want to debate someone debate the person who is categorically saying what is and what isn't art.



What sort of "artistry" exactly is required to tell a joke? Oh, right -






Standup comedians do write their own material, in addition to performing it.

A lot of people in the performing arts are performing other people's work.


@33 - he asks in his opening "what do I have to do to cheer my arrival" -- simple answer, be funny; something Louis CK consistently is. CKs fans miss him. If he came through Seattle, it would likely sell out like it did last time.

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