So, no info on exactly what went down and what the circumstances were? How helpful.


It doesn't appear the cops had much of a choice, since he fired at them, but I do wish there was an option outside of killing him. guns don't leave a lot of options.

don't take your guns to town.


Also, this article references the shooting of Jason Washington but does not mention.
1. Washington was involved in a fight outside the bar when police arrived.
2. He was carrying the gun (holstered) but was stuffed in his hip pocket (unsecured) because Jason's friend and participant in the fight gave it to him to hold while the friend participated in the fight.
3. While Jason was involved breaking up the fight the gun fell out of his pocket, police instructed him not to pick up the gun which he then picked up and started walking around while not acknowledging the officers commands.
4. Jason's blood alcohol content was .242, three times the legal limit.

But, this article uses the Jason Washington shooting as an example to bolster the argument of an unjustified shooting of a black man.





I wonder if this shooting victim would be alive had he not gone after the cops with a gun?


I wonder if this shooting victim would be alive had he not been black? We see cops approach and deescalate white hicks without shitting themselves all the time; something about this man inspired fear apparently


white hicks with guns* before my throat is jumped down


12 you're a lovely human google, but as long as you equate legality to morality, I really don't care about your conclusions on any of my comments

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