Maybe processors could just reshape their candies into less-appealing-to-children shapes, such as tiny vegetables or tax forms or what-not.


I love the very idea that chocolate can be sold in any form which would not make it appealing to children. Somebody needs to go visit the grandkids more often.


Well that fucking sucks for those of us with common allergies.


As a kid, pretty sure I did not give a fuck about how chocolate looked, but rather how it tasted. I never turned my nose up at a Hershey's bar because it was in a boring bar shape with no sprinkles. I also never accidentally ingested edibles. Weird how that works.

Edibles are also packaged extremely well, and I always need to use scissors to open them, and there are usually warnings about "not for kids!"

Tide pods and Fabuloso are also appealing to children, and they're not even made for human consumption.


i dont' have kids and would never be caught being anywhere near bratty little kids after my gummies! I buy square gummies too. why can't i have my gummies GD it! GET OFF MY BUZZ!!!


if it weren't for those meddling kids I'd be high AF right now!! Grrrrr!


Uh, this is bullshit. Chocolate, by itself, is appealing to just about everyone. If you made it a ball and "painted" it white, it would be less appealing, but according to the new interpretation, you can't do that.


Vodka looks like water. They need to do something about that.


Vodka isn't bottled or marketed in a way that appeals to kids.


@10 How interesting you commented at 420, Dan.


@9: Did you at least save a couple to do laundry with?


@10: I know-they could require all vodka to be sold mixed with orange juice, tonic water, or tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce.


I can solve this issue in two words: weed carob.


@10. They could easily color it -- they're already adding chlorine and florine.
I'd like blue.


I remember as a child that there were all sorts of confectionaries that made to look like cigarettes. They were packaged like cigarettes. Some were chocolate cylinders wrapped in paper to look like a real cigarette; others were either gum or peppermint candies. And of course bubble gum cigars. Merchandising to make tobacco appealing to youngsters.


Weed infused black licorice will still be OK becuase kids hate that.


Has anyone reached out to the Goodship? They make both chocolate and candies. I wonder what their take is...


I really enjoy the Pioneer Square gummies, they in no way look like a candy a kid would by at the store. This is absolute bullshit!
These items are not being marketed to kids... Also, last time I checked adults like candy just as much as kids.


No doubt I've consumed my weight in weeds. But goddamn stoners are a bunch of whiny fucks. It's a drug, so just give me a fucking capsule and a glass of water and guess what? I'm high. I don't need it in a fucking cookie sprinkled with gummy bears because I'm not a 4 year old. You can't deny the huge increase in kids showing up in the emergency room having eaten edibles. A 40lbs first grader on 4 times an adult dose is in for a miserable scary disaster. It's incontrovertibly sensible that drugs not be sold in the form of candy. Simple common sense.


You are all grown ass adults. If you need your drugs to come in bright colors and playful shapes, you have issues that smoking drugs is probably only making worse.



I remember the gum cigarettes. And I think the powdered sugar blew out as a little dust cloud so it seemed like you are actually exhaling one time.

Later on I remember being in a classroom with a bunch of 7th graders who mimicked the Budweiser frogs that were on TV at the time.


Think of the libertarians!
Won't somebody think of the libertarians!


@25 - I'd rather think of the librarians. That's why "The Music Man" is my favorite musical.


@24, Shows you the power effective advertising has over people, especially children.


25 We need to let the libertarians take care of themselves. Can't have them developing a "culture of dependency", y'know.

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