"Wheeler" is the mayor of Portland, I assume.


Shorter PP: "We should totes be able to defend ourselves from violent Antifas who attack us when we innocently drive our cars into a bunch of them."


And a Bernie Bro brought a gun to a congressional baseball game and opened fire asking where the Republicans were.


"The firearms were confiscated and the people were "redirected," Lee said. They all had permits to carry a concealed weapon. None of them were arrested or charged."

We shouldn't be surprised - those were a bunch of white guys with guns.

If a bunch of black people gathered with loaded weapons on a rooftop overlooking a public event, they'd be lucky if the worst thing that happened to them was being arrested for 'conspiracy to commit terrorism.' More likely, they be massacred by a SWAT team.



What if those people had been of middle eastern ethnicity? Gotta figure they'd have been detained and interrogated for a good solid couple hours at least.



Or some variation of "nuke 'em from orbit - it's the only way to be sure".


I think Portland should just wait until PP starts using their guns to shoot "leftists", let them turn themselves in, release them on bail, and get around to putting them on trial 18-24 months later. That's how Seattle does it.


"Violence is not... a legitimate means to a political end."

For republicans, anything is acceptable to them as long as they win, and I do mean anything. We've already seen that sexual assault is acceptable to them. Pedophilia is acceptable to them. Would it be so hard to imagine murder would be acceptable to them?


(I guess I somehow overlooked @5 which stated it sooner/better than did I.)


@10 yeah they kind of did that already with the bundy boys a few months back. got off scot-free.


Gee, I wonder if there would have been an arrest if the lefty folks had a cache of arms.


The fascists will win in the end because their specious "free speech" bullshit plays well with centrists and liberals. It figured out a surefire way to act with impunity, and even have cops playing back up for them. The right will continue to become nuttier, and people will continue to argue that we need to listen to and debate them right up until they start openly shooting people.


If your speech is about how the US needs to be racially, culturally and politically cleansed (while you're stockpiling weapons), you're really just calling for violence. And that's exactly what these assholes are doing.


Why were the guns confiscated if they had permits? If there was justification for confiscation, then shouldn't they have been arrested?


Maybe cops sympathize with white dudes enough to let them off with a warning. It wouldn't surprise me at all.


"Oh yeah, I mean I get it son, you just want the added protection of sniper nests above a non-violence protest because you believe in speech so much you want to stop antifa from tearing up the constitution. Oh I get it, I was young once. Well, you need to disperse and take your weapons with you. Unfortunately it's the law, and I will have to arrest you for questioning if I see you doing it again. Have a good day sir!"



I don't remember news of that being suppressed for two months, do you?

I think even the ultra-liberal New York Times mentioned it on their web-site the very same day it happened.



I know, right?

Do we really want to live in a world where cops are just wandering around out there "using their judgement" and taking guns away from law-abiding citizens loitering on rooftops ahead of political rallies, instead of doing things by the book the way they're supposed to?


What the fuck were these guys going to do with those guns that they thought was legitimate? Start shooting into the crowd when violence erupts? Jesus christ, that's not what sniper rifles are for, even when they're for killing people.


These RepubliKKKan shitheads are afraid of anyone who is not like any of them. They become violently rabid if their credibility is impugned. And all because they can't get laid.
@21 Doofus in Shoreline: I'm surprised you're not down there cheering those neofascists on. Militarized police is the last thing anyone of sound mind in Portland or anywhere else needs.



Yep, nothin' to see here, just a few humble farmers who need a long gun to put down livestock every once in a while. Relax!

I'm sure they were just resting there for a spell before heading back to the spread. Farming is hard work!


@28: Naw, I heard they had bazookas and shit, as well as minority-seeking missiles.



Yessir, just a brief respite from the heat, figured the top of this here building might catch a nice little breeze. And might as well give the hardware a little airing out while we're stretching our legs, too-- seen on the teevee that too much time in a hot vehicle can foul up the patina on a nice collectable like pappy's seven aught six over there.


@31: They needed the rooftop to land their Apache, duh.



Nonsense, a few honest farmers have no need of such contraptions. All they wanted was take in a piece of the fine August weather in a quiet spot a little ways away from the city folk with all their hurrying and scurrying.


@24: The Truth, they can't handle The Truth!


@33: Look, farmers don't tell me how to do my job, I don't tell them how to set up hardened, military grade sniper outposts manned 24 hours and stocked with WMDs.



The Truth! Why can't these ridiculous alarmists handle the fact that a few law-abiding citizens were scouting rooftop positions ahead of a political protest WITH ONLY THREE UNLOADED RIFLES.

I tell you, nobody has any sense of perspective anymore.


@37, @38

I know! This is a travesty!

These damned agitators are taking the fact that members of Patriot Prayer were scouting rooftop locations ahead of a political protest with only three unloaded rifles, and TOTALLY BLOWING IT OUT OF PROPORTION.

It's no wonder nobody takes these shrill propagandists seriously anymore.


Alex, are you going to change the headline to reflect the facts that have since come to light, or do I have you confused with an actual journalist?


Fake news alert. This piece is not accurate. Do your homework people.

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