MAGA poster child.


Death penalty.....done. Keep shit simple and get rid of vermin like this guy.


This from the person who advocated for putting a couple of torpedoes in a ship full of homeless people. Got it.


Maybe figure out which end you're trolling from


@3: You realize it is no longer 1979, right?



How you figure. POS murderers should be put down. I don’t care what their political views are. But you’re post is a disturbing insight into how you view the world.

Ya, because I was totally serious about would be a waste of a good ship.


The last sentence was directed to post 4


6 - Stalled because he once dated a Mexican.


Isn't it crazy how people are against the death penalty, until someone gets murdered, then y'all are all for it. Maybe you should just be honest and say you support the death penalty.


Here come the small-government/big military geniuses calling for state sanctioned murder. How appropriate.



The nazis!!!! They are everywhere! Hide!!!!!


@11 - At least in Seattle, the knife that was used would be illegal to possess in public under most circumstances. So, yes, it would need to be left at home.



I can think of literally 20 or 30 things off the top of my head that one can do with a knife which don't involve using it in an attempt to kill another human being - can you name a similar number of non-lethal uses for a firearm, since that's what you're implying? Aside from very inefficient hole-punching or very impractical hammering, I can't think of any.


No, we're not hiding - we're fighting, just like our grandparents did when they encountered Nazi scum, whether it was in Europe, Africa, on the oceans, or here at home. Sorry if that scares you, lil snowflake.



Seriously, who are you talking about? That bring NHL... nutjob?

Kate Brown's going to win re-election here in Oregon, maintain the moratorium on the death penalty and wait for the rest of the country to get on board with civilized humanity once moronic idiots like bring NHL have kicked the bucket. And he's tipped his hand on a few occasions that he's no spring chicken.

Jeremy Christian will very likely die while incarcerated, a sad end to a sad, sad life and your accusations of hypocrisy are without merit.



Lolz @ fighting....yes, brave fighting being done here on the inter webs. What was your MOS again? With all the fighting you and sausage boy are doing, surely you have one.



Ooohhhhhhhh....sick burns by the blob....not.

Still livin at home Mikey?



The nazis! They are everywhere!!!! Under the bed! Behind the curtain! In the coat closet! Everywhere!
Hide! Run!



Your arms appear to be in good working order - unless you're using speech-to-text - so if you don't know the definition of a word, maybe you should go look it up.


You sure are scared of something, what with your constant screaming at people to run and hide; maybe you should change your handle to "Chicken Little".


@bring NHL,

Doesn't the well documented exorbitant cost of the death penalty fly in the face of your claims of fiscal responsibility? Or I assume you're just in favor of doing away with all the pesky due process protections afforded folks on death row? Or more likely still, your pseudo-macho bloodlust trumps all concerns of both fiscal and moral responsibility?



I can’t use chicken little, you “global warming is gonna kill us all!!!!1111eleven” types already got that one locked up.


fuck this guy. grind him up into mulch and skip the trial.

also, don't forget about the scumbag homeless guy that robbed one of the dead/dying victims...



Welp, since you asked.....

I believe there should be a new classification of guilt established in the legal system for crimes like murder. In instances where the crime is witnessed by multiple people(IE no chance of tampered evidence, mistaken identity, future dna test, etc...), like the crime in this article, the death sentence should be carried out immediately after the trial....that eliminates the decades of appeals, court costs, prison costs, etc....

So there. You pop a cap into someone’s brainbox in front of a crowd of people, you gonna get the chair. Period. End of story. Cheap. Final. Night night.


Of course, you're in agreement with @31 there who suggests he be ground into mulch. Nice company you keep.



No....I wouldn’t spread that piece of shits dna in my garden.....would you?

But nice non-response you have. 5/10


@19: Yes.

@22: It is kind of quaint. Mehlman is kind of cute sometimes.

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