Shout out to the "progressive" MLK Labor Council which had the fucking audacity to have a rally to try and pressure the city to give in to SPOG's demands to use federally-mandated reform measures as leverage to get what they want.


SPOG wants a back-door out for excessive force written in to the contract. Basically it says if u want to fire cop for brutality, you cannot do it if that impedes the cop's ability to get a copper job elsewhere. See where that is going?

It is written like a standard union job protection, if you are a teamster, but SPOG is clearly not ordinary. Police point guns and shoot at citizens. People end up dead. This is not a mis-delivered parcel issue.


@3 employers and union negotiate in a process controlled by labor law, but also subject to all other applicable laws. The city can't unilaterally decide on body cameras, but Congress would have the power to dictate them for all policing.

Then maybe nobody wants to work as a cop at all, or for the money a city can pay. That's possible and it would mean the law is... problematic. But still the law until it's not.

The city has no labor law grounds for bending the legal settlement. They're just daring Robart to blow it up, figuring they can get away with something before he'll don it.

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