The kids are our future
Also, the kids are our future Neyya/ Getty Images

Western Washington University is so hot right now: Or at least, the future piles of dorm compost will be hot, as it ferments into a beautiful soil enhancer. That’s right, WWU is starting one of the country’s first dorm-composting programs, a program started by students working with the University Residences and the Sustainability, Equity and Justice Fund. Dorm residents probably aren’t the largest contributor of organic food waste, generally living off of cafeteria food and vending machine fodder, but why not compost everywhere possible?

Arsenal found in Belltown apartment: A 31-year-old Seattle man was arrested and taken into custody on November 8th for allegedly stalking his neighbor. When a judge asked the suspect to surrender any weapons in his possession, he told the judge he had none. Turns out, King County prosecutors say, he lied. Police found “three rifles, a shotgun, two handguns, more than 50 high-capacity magazines, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, two ballistic vests and a ballistic helmet, two gas masks, a can of tear gas and a samurai sword.” This guy was armed for a full on conflict—a conflict that he must have fantasized would ultimately end in a samurai-sword fight.

More on California fires: The news just keeps getting worse. The death toll in Paradise, California is now a staggering 63 people, and perhaps even more staggering is that the number of missing people has doubled to 630. For a resources on how to help those affected by the fires, click here.

Your weekend weather report: Lookin' good, baby. Weather looks nice enough to go do something fun and adventurous, let's say, something like slip and slide half-naked down a big grass hill in Tacoma! Y'know, if that's your thing.

Prosecutors accidentally disclose indictment of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange: Whoops! Wikileaks called this an “apparent cut-and-paste error.” Obviously the views on Wikileaks’ nature as an intelligence/news agency of sorts takes on a wide spectrum of opinions, but nonetheless, as Reuters puts it, “U.S. criminal charges against Assange would further put pressure on Britain to extradite the Australian national.” Assange has been camping out in Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012. Historically, Donald Trump has been a huge fan of Wikileaks.

Your road closure news: Oh boy WSDOT. You've captured our heart with this one, only we're too distracted by your gif choice to bother reading what road is closed.

Scientists redefined the kilogram today. Finally! This is the news kilogram fans have been waiting for! Until now, a kilogram was defined as the mass of a chunk of platinum-iridium alloy stored in France, dubbed the International Prototype Kilogram (or the Big K). Having a central chunk of metal to base a universal system of measurement can be a bit messy, as it loses mass over time, among other issues. So scientists at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles, France voted to change what a kilogram means to be a universal constant in nature. The vote has affixed the kilogram “to the Planck constant, a fundamental concept in quantum mechanics that can never, ever change.”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is looking out for sexual assault victims students accused of committing sexual assault: DeVos wants to make it more difficult to prove sexual assault allegations. The Education Department announced new rules, that as DeVos says, "will fix a 'failed' and 'shameful' system that has been unfair to accused students."

Gold Star Comment:

Zapotec: HUMANS drive for shit. ALL HUMANS EVERYWHERE. Pretty much nobody is mentally and physically qualified to operate an automobile, just look at the carnage. There is nothing that justifies the existence and use of the automobile.
The automobile is the biggest scam you ever gave your money to.

Due to popular demand, my dog: I know, I know, not everyone is a cat lover. In fact, I wasn't always. For those who are more canine-inclined, here's the dog that I'm always wandering about with. She is literally the best. And she loves her oversized monkey toy.

Her name is Pika and she is perfect.
Her name is Pika and she is perfect.

This weekend's best Seattle entertainment options include: The 26th Annual Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Festival, a Spanksgiving feast of drag and burlesque at Kitten N' Lou Present: Cream, and the Gobble Up artisanal food market.