I love animals


Six guns is an "arsenal" now???

In Easter Washington that's pretty standard...


We just ask them to answer on their honor if they have any guns, and then it takes a day or two to confirm that? Sure. What could go wrong in the intervening time?

This sounds like the bar for an ERPO is too high.


I love you Pika.


Usually these guys are like those dudes that have 17 guitars, but they live in their mom's basement and never actually play them anywhere, however, this chump sounds like one of those fuckers itching for another civil war.

And we all know what the first one was about, now, don't we?


Or the samurai swod could just be a decorative conversation peice for his mantle.


Interesting to think about with the kilogram news: Planck’s constant is in units of m^2 kg / s. In other words, you kind of have to find a way to relate it to mass by very precisely knowing a speed (m / s) and a distance (m) and dividing those out of the way.

If you don’t have an accurate way of finding those numbers, you’re stuck with using a lump of metal to measure against.



According to Merriam-Webster, yes, it is:


Please tell Pika I love her, and give her a kiss and boop her snoot for me. Please and thank you. :)


I feel like summarizing the ability to easily transport groceries, go wherever I want on a whim, and cut down travel time to reach friends to minutes instead of hours as "biggest scam I ever gave money to," is a real weird way to look at it. Sounds like someone trying to convince themselves rather than others.


Really, Betsy Devos? Clearly white men accused of sexual assault are in dire need of more protection.


The many ways climate change worsens California wildfires
Years of record-setting California wildfires are consistent with mounting evidence of climate change as a principal factor.


@11 - Being proactive and contrarian doesn’t make anyone profound or insightful.


@11 - agreed


@13 - Thank you for being so diligent and passionate on the issue.


OMG Pika is perfect. Are there any pictures of Pika AND Gouda together? Why am I even asking? Of course there are. I demand to see them.


"The biggest scam I ever gave money to?" Hmmm, Idaknow, there was that time I tried to help out that Nigerian prince...


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...!

Trump wrote out answers to Mueller's questions without the aid of his legal team, even knowing that they were likely written to catch him in a lie. I dearly hope his ego will push him to send them back to Mueller without his legal team's input first. He's just arrogant and dumb enough to do it, too.


11 - Your small world looks now ever smaller.


@20: Is that a response to me about automobile ownership? I see multiple responses to (what appears to me as) my comment at #11, and I'm not certain ANY of them are properly directed. If that is directed at me, you're gonna have to unpack that for me a bit.

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