In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't get in to UW, because behavior like this on part of the anti-union administration would leave me deeply ashamed to call myself a Husky. I hope the petitioners get everything they want from their collective bargaining agreement, and then some. Solidarity, fellow laborers!


UW is a perfect nested analogue of our entire society's slide toward an oligarchic economic structure. More and more poorly paid, exploited contingent laborers representing the bulk of employees; richer and richer elites focused on expanding power, prestige, and profitability. No matter how she dresses it up, Cauce has presided over an unprecedented era at UW wherein thousands of opportunities for people to remain in the middle class have been destroyed unfavor of keeping up with Amazon in the glass tower expansion game. Cauce can ring all the progressive-cred bells she wants, but it's perfectly transparent that she's a member of team oligarch and an enemy of the people. I'm certainly no socialist, but it's just silly how billions are available to expand and yet we can't pay teachers with a decade of college education a living wage.


"We were told yesterday it would take two years," Weitzner said. It had already been six months. How much longer would they have to wait?". Seems like a UW student should be able to figure that bit of simple math out.

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