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How many fingers do you have available?




Ah, yes, painting -- Gee Duya's put his hand to it, he's not too bad, but, typically, he likes to place himself near water -- like in a shower, for instance, or anywhere, where he can try and wash the Blood of a million-plus dead Iraqui souls off his hands. And OUR warriors.

Say, Republicans, that reminds me, WHEN are we gonna get past Gee Dubya's Great War on the Middle East? We seem to be over his Great Recession -- some of us, anyways. His great War on Middle Easterners seems to never fucking Die. WHY can't we just move the fuck on, already?

RIP, Dino's political career. You may not have been Good for America, but you were damn good at spending all those wonderful Campaign Contributions. Well payed.


Dino could always mafia don himself a clown suit and make balloon animals on street corners. Of course, the REAL clown to fear is Bozo the Trump.
Now if Pinky Vargas can do the same thing to Thug Ericksen in the 42nd District Senatorial race, my Thanksgiving will be near perfect.


@1 kristofarian: I know, right?


So many fake press articles. Rossi seems to be a decent man, business person and family man who has given generously off his time and money.

However, lying and terrible people say untrue things about him (Schrier's Liars and Liars for Schrier, etc.) using millions of dollars (most ever spent in Washington).

Lies like Rossi passed a bill to help his "country club" friends. That bill passed 25 YEARS BEFORE HE WAS BORN! Or how Liars for Schrier REFUSED PAC type of money, when she received a record staggering amount, over $10 million! Yet fake press goes on.

Now the voters will get what they deserve - someone who ignored the most vulnerable/Medicaid, and now, the rest of us.

Shame on the press. Stupid people actually believe some of their lies.


Dino and Tim should retire and move someplace warm. Like Somalia.


The GOP will trot Susie and/or Dino out again. And again. And again.


Everyone in Indiana hated Mike Pence in 2016. It was suggested that that was the year a Democrat would be elected governor for the first time in 13 years.

Now, he's shoring up the evangelical base as VP to Trump.

I fear Dino Lossi may share a similar fate. Statewide laughingstock, national star.


@5 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Great idea! I was thinking Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for Dino and Tim, but that would still be too close to the Divided States. The further away they go, the better.
@6 Chilly Moe and @7 Andamania: Further proof that the GOP is such a regionally, nationally, and globally cancerous waste.


@4: And if you honestly believe that, I've got the deeds to the Deception Pass and Tacoma Narrows Bridges I'd love to sell ya.

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