IGNORANCE IS BLISS - xoxo Sinclair Broadcasting

Earlier this year, Sinclair mandated that all the anchors at the regional stations it operates across the country read a statement condemning "fake news" and "one-sided news stories plaguing our country." The conservative media giant's propaganda machine is still churning. If you're not a die-hard KOMO News fan—the station that Sinclair has its grubby little mitts on over here in Seattle—you're probably safe from Sinclair's latest bullshit.

For the uninitiated, this is the new segment Sinclair is airing across the country:

I'm going to break it down for you:

The segment features Boris Epshteyn, a former Trump aide, defending the U.S. armed soldiers' use of tear gas on asylum-seekers at the U.S./Mexico border:

The migrant crisis on our southern border has greatly escalated. This past weekend, the United States was forced to temporarily close a major point of entry in San Diego, California, in response to hundreds of migrants attempting to storm the U.S.-Mexico border in hopes of claiming asylum. Dozens of migrants attacked U.S. border enforcement by throwing rocks and bottles. Ultimately, American authorities had to use tear gas to stop the attacks.

That's the intro. It's not completely skewed. The language choice isn't great. It's painting a picture, sure, but Boris is about to veer this baby right off the tracks and really tell us whose interests are driving this broadcast:

Some on the left, such as Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters, were immediately up in arms about our president and his team standing up for our men and women in uniform and for our national security.

Ah yep: "Some on the left." There it is.
It gets worse.

The fact of the matter is that this is an attempted invasion of our country. Period. Our border must remain intact and secure. It is not a partisan position to believe that our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Boris is now an actual acting mouthpiece for Trumpian rhetoric. Trump constantly referred to the migrant caravan winding its away up from Honduras as "an invasion." I'm glad Boris at least acknowledges that there's something the matter with our immigration system. I mean, give us your tired and your poor, right?

However, it unfortunately appears that there are many on the left who believe it is wrong to defend our country and abide by the rule of law.

Ah, we weren't on the same train of thought there. Forgot who I was dealing with.

I would bet that many of those same people live behind walls and locked doors but do not want to afford the same benefit to our country as a whole.


Here’s the bottom line: The notion that a caravan of migrants can be allowed to break through our borders is ludicrous and dangerous. The United States of America should not and cannot be intimidated by those willing to use force to get into our country illegally.

This is a real segment that's airing on local news stations across the country. It's mandatory for all Sinclair stations. KOMO is airing this and, if that's not bad enough, they also have a morning newsletter so you can have a helping of bullshit with your Cornflakes. It's called Breakfast with Boris. You can also pair Breakfast with Boris with "putting aside our differences" for the holiday season.

Or, you can stop watching KOMO and subscribe to a real newsletter (mine).