Bartell's drug store ran an ad for CBD products in our recent advertising flyer.


"The biggest problem with the Farm Bill might be a controversial Republican proposal to add new work requirements for food stamps."

According to an article in Quartz, another big problem with the Farm Bill is it also prohibits anyone who's been convicted of a drug related crime from working in the cannabis industry.


Oust Mitch McDumbbell NOW! Dems now have the House and hopefully the power to block this atrocious Farm Bill. Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.


Update: As of today the GOP has backed off on the work requirements for food stamps and a few other draconian provisions, thanks to the democrats, but no word yet on whether the prohibitions on hiring people with drug convictions is in or out. Even if that stays in we can still fix it once blue wave part 2 clears out the rest of the GOP garbage.

It's a LOT easier getting things done now that the right's been bitch slapped by a record voter turnout. My thanks to everyone who did their part.


@4 RickFromTexas: Thank you, bless you for doing your part, too, and you're welcome, too. The GOP's draconian imposition of work requirements on food stamp recipients is going way too far. It never ceases to amaze me how so many low income Americans, with so much to lose, and regardless of their skin color---unwisely vote RepubliKKKan. This year's midterms were a breath of fresh air. May FBI investigator Robert Mueller triumphantly send the Evil Empire spiraling down in flames, and Trump / Pence ad nauseum to prison in 2020.

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