Met him once or twice. He has a weird hard blink.



Those thousands of people probably have little to no idea about the current economic conditions in Seattle, WA, USA; a city most have probably barely heard of and have no intention of immigrating to.


If you liked Nick Licata, you'll like Andrew. Nick has been his mentor since Andrew has been in high school.


@4: If that’s true, it’s the best political news I’ve seen in a long time. CM Licata was one of the best elected officials for whom I ever had the privilege of voting.


@1 Many working class people have been driven out of the city in order to find a cheaper place to live or into homelessness due to the influx of the well off and thus the vast increase in expensive housing.

Having witnessed brutal sweeps by the city with no clear answers by those enforcing the sweeps of where people are supposed to go after they are swept, it makes people wonder what the motives are. Helping the developers perhaps? The city government is a farce. Today when we witnessed a sweep, the neighborhood was very concerned and upset by the treatment of the persons swept by city authorities. This was a relatively poor neighborhood so they could empathize?


Seattle has a long history of beer regulation. Back when we set beer prices at $0.05 a pint (surely a fixed, measured pint) bars would try to attract customers by providing free food. Seattle then banned that food because there were complaints it was low quality. One customer sued a bar for providing a raw egg in a beer, saying it broke the free food ban.


@6 Many people are running for their lives so they won’t be killed by wars or ruthless dictatorships thanks to the U.S. government and corporate takeovers. These entities want their mineral resources and/or oil. The people are in their way. It makes people desperate.


Lester, I realize you're busy writing a blow job for Andrew Lewis here, but why the fuck are you using 'claims in his Twitter profile to be a “former double agent/counterintelligence asset” ' as the dig against the already "other"ed guy?

Do you have some a reason to color this claim this way?

(If you do, could you share it with... I don't know, MSNBC, the United States Navy Reserve, the FBI, Oleg Kulikov, etc.)


Why don't you take a moment and find something bad in here, or something?


@10  You are leaving out stagnant wages and the hold the super rich such as Amazon have on the city government. You are right about property taxes which are grossly unfair to the fixed income people and others who are homeowners as well as the renters.



And yet the statement you quoted was very specific to "the city", namely, Seattle, amiright?


Andrew's entry into this race raises the overall quality of declared City Council candidates by at least 500%.


@4 - Hi Ivan!


@7: “...with no clear answers by those enforcing the sweeps of where people are supposed to go after they are swept...”

When an encampment is swept, the residents are all offered shelter. Few accept. You can stop saying otherwise now.

Ridding our city of filthy, crime-ridden encampments is a basic public health requirement. The city needs to sweep every encampment, every time, until they are all gone and no new ones are established.


This guy is such a blowhard. He is obsessed with power. The last thing Seattle needs is a white, lawyer, political climber, who ran super easy Licata campaigns.

Andrew belongs in DC with all the other power hungry folks.


" if he was a socialist (he is not)."

My standards are so low these days, that's all I need to hear to get my support.


He has the same kind of dorky gangly vibe that an erect penis does bouncing around. Not saying he's a penis tho.


Monorail is fantastic! Much more personality (and history) than many of the other shops mentioned, and the coffee is great.


I find it racist and sexist to vote for someone based on either race or sex. I choose who to vote for based on where they stand on issues I care about and this guy seems like someone I’d vote for.

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