Lester - thank you for reporting on this bit of sanity coming from Olympia.

Would LOVE to read an article on how many of our lawmakers involved in cannabis policy development consume weed at all. Do you get the sense that anyone has any idea what cannabis is about, other than observation? Is anyone involved a routine cannabis consumer?


Why do you applaud industry groups inserting themselves in the political process and lobbying for outcomes that benefit them in this instance, but not when Facebook and Google do it? From my experience, industry groups are going to call all regulations some variation of “arbitrary and sudden.” Get ready for cannabis companies to start throwing their weight around more as we get closer to nationwide legalization and more money starts pouring in.


Yeah let’s make drugs attractive for kids. Not following y’all down this moral rabbit hole.


Lolz to the accompanying photo.

@3 I don't think that's the case here. These aren't cotton candy vapes or strawberry wine coolers. Cannabis treats have no advertising, aren't in stores accessible to minors, and come in what looks like medical packaging.


@4 Dougsf: I agree.
At least Washington State legislature has the common sense to distinguish between what would be an unwise choice for a minor on a public school playground, and charging, trying and convicting a minor of drug possession. Florida, by comparison, is one sad, bassackward state.


LCB (AKA Mormons) only step in if they can't make an immediate and personal buck off what they're "regulating", or one of their 13 illegitimate children barfs up something they stole from a business owner. We've tried to ban those fucks before, why didn't we succeed?

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