That tower is coming down at terminal velocity! Clearly an inside job!


Global warming didn't mean the dinosaurs had to give up their Subarus and vacations to Costa Rica did it?


Please do not taste the light rail. You don't know what's been in it or on it.


"American foulbrood" is the best name.


“Kevin Hart, newly minted 2019 Oscar host, comes under fire”

Here, let me fix that for you...

“Kevin Hart, newly minted 2019 Oscar host, is a fucking piece of shit homophobe and should be boycotted by any one who isn’t also a fucking piece of shit homophobe.”

There... That’s better!


Threatening to bash your child over the head for any reason is really not funny.


Paris at my feet. Paris in the dust. And here's me buying gas with the upper crust.


@8 buddy, you gotta up your philosophical game.

This however is an empirical matter. The golden rule appeared during GUT symmetry breaking, and specific judgment on homophobia appeared at the electroweak transition.


Inslee is a white dude who lacks charisma. No chance he'll be President. He's really running for Secretary of Interior.


France's Macron first lowered taxes on the wealthy, cut the corporate tax, lowered housing subventions, increased SS taxes and then slapped a regressive fuel tax that did nothing to help transition to renewables. He was elected thanks to the anti-fascist vote while winning the primaries with 24% of the vote, and had consequently no mandate for neoliberal "reforms" the French have resisted for decades. With the support of ~80% of the population, the yellow vest movement has now moved well beyond demanding the repeal of the fuel tax. Having Macon's head on a figurative platter seems to be the most common demand nowadays.


@5 No homophobe for the Oscars but a racist demagogue for president is alright. You're some piece of work.


@13: It was never about a fuel tax. The people of France are tired of being penalized for being native citizens and working, while non-citizens and non-workers get as much take home "pay" as they do from sucking up welfare benefits and refusing to work or assimilate.

These aren't just college kids protesting something petty. These protests are encompassing people from wide swaths of French culture and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is a huge percentage of the population, including government employees and military.

It is no accident that the rise of these types of tensions are occurring now during the migrant crisis and when the UN is trying to get nations to sign pledges to accept unlimited refugees and making speaking out against unlimited migration a hate crime/bias incident.

White European nations have a lot of wealth and a lot of patience, but neither is infinite. Europe can not babysit and support the entire third world, and its people should not be expected to.


@15 - did a little bird tell you that?


@15 Nativism is a cancer that played no central role in the movement despite attempts by the far right to claim the opposite.


@16, @18: Check their list of demands. It specifically mentions unfettered migration and the tax/social burdens around it, as well as specifically demanding Macron stop abiding by the UN provisions and refuse to sign the UN resolution I mentioned earlier.

Macron announced the taxes were no longer happening going forward, and the protests have not subsided. Quite the opposite.

It's not about diesel fuel. An entire modern nation does not threaten a legitimate revolt over a small gas tax.


That first paragraph is the speech Nathalie's gives when she's invited to host Kindergarten graduations!


@19 Nobody but you claimed it was only about the fuel tax as my initial comment @13 shows

As of 4/12 the movement had 3 pages worth of formulated demands that touched on all issues, especially economic. On immigration, they want a) causes of migrations to be effectively addressed, b) refugees to be well treated (including lodging, security, food and education), which directly contradict your claim, c) work with the UN to find other places to care for refugees, d) those not qualifying for refugees status should be send back home, e) work toward a real policy of integration including language, history and civic education

There is nothing in there that supports your nativist spin. On the contrary, they want to treat refugees fairly and with dignity.


Teddy doing his white pride thing again? Sigh.

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