"For now, maybe invest in some climbing gear and just repel down the walls."

Ah, the homonym, bane of the Stranger editorial staff.



But it's not a homonym.



Never mind, I guess maybe it is.


The homophone, bane of the Stranger commenting community.


Buncha loosers.


Did they include the cost to repair these escalators? Whoever has that contact is making serious bank.


UW Station should have been a massive bank of elevators like Beacon Hill. Why does ST always overbuild their stations?


All non-indoor escalators break down several times a year. The only way to keep them in service outdoors is to be located somewhere where it never rains. Or to have them indoors.


Additionally - there are, literally, not enough trained elevator maintenance people for the worklog nationwide. I know in my city, some repairs take months simply because there are no available technicians.


Escalator technology is essentially 130 years old. It's no surprise something based on technology that old is problematic.


The elevators are the only way in and out of the Beacon Hill station (well there is an emergency stairwell, but it's really really long) and they break down at a similar rate. Could you look into that next?


Excellent point, Sportlandia #8. All the UW Station escalators are very much indoors though, so I'm unsure how that excellent point is relevant to this horrible situation.

Every time I see an escalator out of order at a Link light rail station, I think about how there must be a dying mall or Sears somewhere with all kinds of escalators we can scrap...


@8/13 Different types of escalators serve different purposes. Either the City was too cheap to buy the heavy use escalators or the company that sold them pulled a fast one. Regardless the current escalators were not built to run 24 hours a day and they will be replaced.


@14 -- They were too cheap. They bought cheap escalators, instead of ones that were more robust (penny wise, pound foolish)*. I think the biggest problem is the lack of stairs. All escalators break at some point (even heavy duty ones) but when the only way to get there is via an elevator, you get a really big backup.


Do your bowel movements take ten minutes? Not counting going on your phone I mean? I just sit down, poop, okay sometimes there's a repoop after things shift in the pipes, wipe, and Bob's your uncle. Three minutes. Is this quarter-hour session a thing that's going to happen to me as I get older? I mean I'm no spring chicken as is.


"Between 2019 and 2022, two of the down escalators at UW station
will be turned into permanent stairs. It will cost $20 million."

And when they break down?

Jesus, call me a Republican but I think that's just too damn Much.
Do they think money grows in Citizen-owned Banks?

@4 -- a 'homophone'? How can one tell? Mine has a pretty gay ring tone.

@16 -- "Is this quarter-hour [poop] session a thing that's going to happen to me as I get older?"

No, absolutely not. You'll be preying for Uncle Bob's delightful
passing in an our (give or take) when your my age.

(I'm Lovin' these 'homophones'!) (Call me!)


Didn't my man Mitch say something about broken-down escalators?


So, anyone getting fired for this latest f-up? Or do we just soak the taxpayers again with no accountability? Maybe give Pete Rogoff another raise?


@11: Stair technology is like 5000 years old. By your logic, stairs should break down even more.

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