For the love of Hee-Haw, Nathalie, force that schlepp moron that admins your website to make all your external links open in independent windows. This is innerwebs commerce 101, people. How crappy ARE things in that office?



Republicans are hostile to America. Don't vote for them.


Shit we raised the minimum wage too high and now Amazon programmers cant get a crunch wrap chalupa and have to pack a lunch or pay to have deliver one from Shoreline.


For what it’s worth, I can attest that either the aliens haven’t made it south to Delaware or they are really sneaky.


With regard to the ST tax article:

1) Did not see a supporting statement in there that Seattle had the highest tax rates in the country. Possible I missed it in there.

2) The article basically boils down to Taco Time complaining about spending 67 cents of gross revenue on food/labor vs. 61 cents elsewhere. But, let's frame and write an article about tax burden which is 2 cents per dollar gross revenue vs. 1.2 elsewhere. And Nathalie reinforces that with a throwaway comment on taxation...

Framing and posting an article that basically boils down to less than a penny difference between Seattle & surrounding areas - great job. Ignoring coverage earlier this week on the median income differences between Seattle and surrounding communities - even better.


Anything that decreases the number of Taco Times is a good thing.


Instead of closing the southern border, we should wall off the southern states.


11 You are such a moron you believe people are going to follow YouTube links you post.


"Hippos are actually responsible for more human fatalities in Africa than lions or tigers or cheetahs or ostriches or anything else. Apparently, they kill hundreds of people each year."

Don't f*ck with hippos or their sweat.


INSIDER asked respondents, "What is the best use of $5.7 billion in federal funding?" and offered four options:
"build a portion of a wall along the US-Mexico border"
"fund pre-kindergarten programs for every child in the US for a year"
"pay the healthcare expenses for roughly 530,000 Americans for a year"
"fund infrastructure improvements"

Only 19% of respondents thought the wall was the best use of that funding.

The best-polling use of funds was paying healthcare expenses for a half-million people, backed by 36% of respondents.

A further 30% thought infrastructure would most benefit from the funding, while 15% would fund pre-K programs.


@2 Republicans are a money worshiping death cult hostile to life.


@7 low cost & high volume businesses (fast food & grocery stores) work with tiny profit margins so pennies count.

@4 you and I both know the Amazon programmers have no issue spending $20 everyday for a fancy named cheeseburger that tastes slightly better than McDonalds.

Lol the Stranger took the tax item out of the headline.



Thanks for that. I figure Paul Constant and Goldy will be calling bullshit in the article, too, by the end of the day.


Hippos, metal? Now I know I’ve heard that somewhere before....


You, naïve slog commenter: High income Seattleites will spend a lot of money for lunch.
Me, has taken microeconomics: This line meets this line on this graph so everyone in Seattle must pack a lunch because restaurants have to pay employees.


@17 Business models that cannot afford anywhere close to a living wage don't add anything to the economy that we need.


@17, why did they take that out of the headline? The Stranger = tool of the man.


@21 good point. No more grocery stores or fast food restaurants in Seattle.


@21 surely if they are to succeed they should be able to eventually pay a living wage so these are not the business models that we are talking about, We are talking about businesses that will never pay a living wage because scrounging pennies on the back of employees is an integral part of the business plan. If said businesses provide an essential service that cannot be obtained any other way perhaps they should be subsidized.


@26 is for @25


Yep....high taxes and being forced to pay someone $30k a year to put a burger on a bun....what did you expect? Low margin businesses are going to move out...reap what you sow bitches.



Dipshit statement of the week. Congrats



Or, as many have noted, if you can close the border why do we need a wall?



Even bigger dipshit statement. Super congrats.


@32 - Tell your programmer that its bot is spewing out repeated nonsense.



@30 Report: Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance

Your support for corporate welfare is duly noted.


@34 -- If the Walton Fambly cannot rely on Taxpayers, how the FUCK are they ever/n gonna be the RICHEST damn fambly in America?

We MUST subsidize them.
They even SAID so.

Remember, folks -- Socialism WORKS --
For the Rich. The rest of you people?

Fuck off.


Smoke and mirrors once again by the City of Seattle regarding their efforts to improve housing options for people without any while they do everything possible to abuse them.

36, Absolutely! Thank you. 39, Love your comment and couldn’t agree more.

They want class war? We can give it to them. There is way more of us.


I won’t go into the history but Trump’s threats to close the border are more of the racist slime the bigot rulers have drowned us with since they first came to North America.


Closing the Mexican border makes sense, if you have a dick for a brain. Who's Trump going to blame when the auto plants shut down (no parts), stores and restaurants start running out of food, and all those Walmart shoppers can't buy their flat-screen TVs with the $200 bonus they scored from Trump's tax cuts? The man needs to stop channeling his inner Honicker.



Who's Trump going to blame? The smart money is on Hillary's emails.


Seriously though, he'll blame us Dems and he'll get a ton of support from his party in so doing. It's so bizarre and frustrating and honestly just makes me want to smack my head against the wall a few hundred times.


Wow, today's comments section gave me even more cancer than usual. Kthxbye.

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