Is diabetes an exclusive affliction of the master race?


This pathetic #MAGATrash woman has already deleted her ignorant & racist Twitter feed


Because they seem to feel they are being discriminated because they are immigrant business owners, it is only right for their businesses to be investigated for paying taxes and also face eviction for past due delinquent owed to the City of SeaTac


" 'This is my own personal Twitter feed, it’s not relevant to SeaTac, so thank you,' Sitterley said. She then immediately hung up on me."

That $15/hr Handout to the un-Deserving -- is that what set her off?
She hates Handouts? Or the un-deserving? Although, to be Fair, and if what you say @2 is true, perhaps she's Moving On. Sounds to me like that's a Good thing. Gotta give a gal Credit, where it's due.

People have been known to Evolve, you know.... .
I guess it all boils down to how she chooses to Mayor.

Perhaps she'll even comment right Here...


Speaking of, "... finding inspiring candidates that people are excited to get behind." --Shasti Conrad, chair of King County Democrats,

Are you advertising? Leafleting Sea Tac? Papering
every pole from here to Timbucktu?
Craigslist, for Chrissakes?

(in appropriate languages).


Ms Shitterley seems ever so charming.


The 1990s called. They want their “majority minority” terminology back.


@7 is an odd comment. Majority minority is a factually descriptive term. Such phrasing isn't subject to pop culture trending, except inasmuch as populations fitting those phrases are currently relevant and I've been hearing/reading it pretty consistently for as long as i can remember. How would you propose we refer to communities that are made up of varying minority populations that combine to comprise majority status, particularly when such demographics are central to the writer's point? Just an odd comment.


The women in question looks like she has been repeatedly struck with a "Stupid Stick" while being repeatedly told that she is Daddies little princess.


Why do I have to “request” to follow her on Twitter? She is my mayor. I live in Seatac.


@9: That's a really stupid comment. Because you know that if her politics were democrat your sophomoric projection based on looks would be 180º different.


The important thing to remember is that she wasn't ELECTED mayor...she was merely appointed to fill a vacancy. All that's needed to get this idiot-if you are the mayor of a city where most people are NOT white, you'd have to be an idiot to treat the majority who aren't white as if it isn't there city and they shouldn't matter, as simple logic tells us-out of office. Just get the kind of operation together that defeated the "Burien Strong" hate measure out to the polls.


@12 you're projecting.


@14: Pot, meet Kettle.


Wow--Ms. Shitterley does indeed fit the description of Trump lover: clueless white trash.
@14 & @15: You two should get a room.


Sez the person who gets into it with raindrop and keeps calling him sugarlips. Okay. . . .



Thanks for acknowledging that anti-immigrant, "America-first" bigotry is a Republican value, Mr. Republican.


@18: Yeah, but it hasn't been always that way:


@17 seatackled: What----are you actually jealous?? lol
@19: Oh, I get it---Make Sea-Tac Great Again, right, muffy?
@20: And yet you, seatackled, et al keep coming back for more. lol

Happy New Year, everybody.


Mia Gregerson and her little group got the City of SeaTac in a mess! She’s lying to the trailer parks about how the city needs to help them. RATHER it’s the STATE REPRESENTATIVE who is the one who’s supposed to help. As she voted to NOT help the Firs. She has provoked protests in council chambers. She has provoked disruption in the city. She is a liar and is lying for political gain! She is far from caring about Seatac. According to Mia Gregerson the citizens of Seatac drink toilet water! And she stated that in her city email.


The $15 an hour win for Sea Tac workers was won by labor movement people taking direct action and fighting for it. It was not won by politicians. It was won at the airport by workers and their allies. Big business is upset with these gains and fighting back using politicians.

Seattle is no progressive utopia either because we have fake progressives running it. Mayor Durkan was backed by a corporate pac donation of over half a million $ to put her in office and that meant that REAL progressives didn’t stand a chance since the voters fell for the pr for Durkan who bought her way in. Witness one of the recent capitulations by the council when they rescinded the head tax after pressure from the chamber of commerce and the mayor.

Just because they call themselves progressive doesn’t mean they are. Both city governments have called class war on working people and the poor including poc.






"...Town Full of Immigrants". If that's true. Then a lot of them voted for her. Unless they're there illegally. If they are there legally they voted her in. Unless the legal immigrants didn't do their civic duty and vote. Then shame on them. They have no right to complain. As they could've voted No. Or, just vote period.


@26 -- Wrong.

"The important thing to remember is that she
wasn't ELECTED mayor...she was merely
appointed to fill a vacancy."

From AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell @13


I wonder why we bother labeling offices "non-partisan" since it's obvious what party the holders align with. Sure, in an ideal world we wouldn't care whether our fire chief was a Democrat or a Republican but in this world party affiliation represents a pretty stark choice. It's easier not to make a big mistake when the white nationalists self identify.


The fatter the white the further they're right


Someone really needs to tell The Stranger how our state's forms of government work. Seatac, like many munipalities, has a weak mayor/city manager government. This means Mayor Sitterley was not elected mayor by the citizen of Seatac, but by her fellow city councilmembers. She is, by definition, a weak mayor. Which in turn means she is NOT "Running the City of Seatac" as the headline proclaims. Her ONLY responsibility is to run the City Council meetings. The City Manager runs the city. Mayor Sitterly makes no policy decisions, oversees no personnel, and allocates no resources, save as one of the many City Councilpersons. She is merely one vote among equals.

This particular journalistic laziness is only superceded by Mr. Smith's feeling that he can infer/judge/sentence a person based on nothing more than which tweets they've retweeted. I really wish The Stranger would quit empowering the Pro-Trump crowd with such clear evidence that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. This article should have never been written by a grownup.


Truth: Trump/Pence are consolidating fascism in the US and Sitterley is openly a part of that. There is only one way to stop them before it is too late, but not enough people know about it. Read, sign, share, join, organize, donate at

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