He sure did, but saved his life and others by doing so.


The wingnut justice squad will chime in to remind us that the victim was probably brown-colored, poor &/or homeless, and carrying a gun while JAYWALKING, so he's lucky got what he deserves. Case closed nothing to see.


Thank you SPD.



There's no evidence from the reporting here that the police officer saved anyone else's life than perhaps his own.


@6: So noted.


He was white. The people that are supposed to care, won't care. Police Brutality isn't an issue on the left - it's a means to an end. You can't use white victims to shame police departments and get likes and RTs, so none of the anti-police social activists will give a shit. People will show you their principles by when they take action and when they don't.


Charleena Lyles - On audio/video running at Police with 2 knives in her hands with her children present 1 week after she threatened to kill a 10 year old boy with a knife (not reported) amid extensive drug abuse sanctioned by the non-profit/city of Seattle. - Public Outcry...
Che Taylor - Convicted for aggravated rape, fled to Nevada, arrested and extradited to Washington. Out of prison less than a month, noticed by 2 not-plain-clothed Police Detectives engaging in a drug deal. Police move in, shoot and kill Che who Fire Fighters reported had a gun holster cut from his belt to perform livesaving. Harborview nurses confirmed a significant quantity of heroin and cocaine were recovered from his possession. Eyewitness says on Police camera immediately following the shooting, "Che went for his gun" - Public outcry...


@8 - Why are you making this about race? Doesn't that make you the real racist then?



The only pig here is you.


@10: Each and every police shooting in America is inherently about race, despite the races involved, because each and every shooting spawns the predictable arguments, pontifications, and stereotypical rants -- that are hopefully placated by at least some rational and level-headed discussions and commentary.


Who would bring pepper spray to a gunfight?


@15: Of course, he could have been challenging the officer to a dual. Thank you for pointing that out.



You mean, as opposed to all the DOCUMENTED acts of police brutality we encounter in the news on an almost daily basis?

And claiming the Left's "opposition to authority is the basis of their philosophy" is quite the turn of ribaldry, given those on the far-Right are notorious for staking out the position that the Second Amendment is expressly intended to allow them to accumulate as many firearms as possible in order to defend themselves from some hypothetical future act of confiscation by the big, bad gubbamint, of which, in case you forgot, law enforcement agencies are the primary instrument of authority. So, which is it? If the shooting victim turns out to be a member of the Republican Party, or to have voted for Herr Gropenfuehrer, will you still consider that he got what he deserved?


@10 "The Real Racists" is the name of my band. Which doesn't exist.


Why would a cop use less lethal methods like mace or taser when faced with someone physically fighting you who pulls a gun? People forget that cops have a right to go home alive.


Correct headline: "Seattle Police shot a fentenyl dealer who pulled out a gun on them when resisting arrest."

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