smith looks pretty close to death here....


Voting a Washington state Congressman or Senator out of office with a substantial amount of seniority would have been supremely unwise (e.g. Tom Foley). Thankfully, that was never going to happen with Adam Smith.


@1 Obviously you've never actually seen Adam Smith speak, since if you had you'd realize he's a font of energy and far more competent that the opponent he defeated.


The Stranger’s candidate lost. The Stranger needs to acknowledge this fact, and move on.

(In related news, Jenny Durkan is still Mayor.)


Democratic congressperson Smith promised to "enhance military readiness, combat inefficiency and waste at DOD, advance green technology in defense and address the threat climate change poses to our national security, fight for an inclusive military, and move towards a responsible approach to nuclear weapons."

And not a fucking word about peace from the Seattle "liberal." Wot a surprise, considering the last Democratic president kept the US at war for a record two full terms, killing countless civilians in illegal, undeclared wars in seven Third World nations.

Just wondering: Which major party do you vote for if you want peace? It ain't the Dems, as this asshat clearly demonstrates.


Fire Aim Ready dear, you just keep voting for Bernie or the Vegetarian Party or whatever else gives you that tingly feeling in your swimsuit area. It’s obviously worked out so well for you.


Catalina, dear, you just keep voting for Hillary or whomever else the Warmongering Wall Street Toadies Party nominates.

It's obviously worked out so well for you. cough

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