As someone who has foregone health insurance for the last several years because he falls in that 400-600% range of the poverty line - where premiums are at least 15% of my monthly gross income for the most awful plan that I don't make enough to actually utilize - I'm all for whatever they can cook up as a solution.

I'm surrounded by people that buy multiple properties just for the purpose of renting them, and seemingly buy new cars on a whim. Meanwhile, I struggle to save any appreciable amount for retirement or (when I really let myself dream big) the purchase of some modest home someday. I realize wage stagnation is a complex problem, but if a lack of tax revenue is stopping this from getting off the ground, I know a great many people who could do with more taxation.

Or maybe I could get into the guillotine business and make my fortune when the market demand suddenly jumps. Either way.


@1, If you equate an increase in market demand with a great depression 2.0, then I understand how you'll make the fortune:):):)

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