Here's hoping our legislators demonstrate an iota more sense than those consistently ass-backwards embarrassments known as the WSLCB. That abomination needs to be taken down a peg or two; or ten.


" ... the LCB's proposal to track homegrown pot may also be against the state's constitution because home growing pot is not a commercial activity."

On the other hand it can be pretty fungible, and lotsa cash can be made relatively quickly. But, you still gotta Sell it to someone. (This is where Craigslist comes in.)

The burden of enforcement should not be realized by stripping from citizen's their God-given* rights to Privacy.

*it's true, lotta God-worshippers wanna keep a sharp eye in us in our boudoir -- but what happens in Washingtonian's gardens, stays there.


in, on, what's the dif?


“...the LCB came up with two terrible options...”

Which is twice their usual output.

While our legislature is on this issue, could they rename the LCB to emphasize it exists for the sole purpose of causing as much lasting, punitive damage as is humanly possible to our state’s liquor and cannabis industries? (Truth in labeling, and all that...)

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