@1 - That has to be one of the dumbest and meanest comments I've ever seen on here. I sure hope you don't reproduce, someone with that kind of attitude isn't fit to raise kids.


@1 - The only danger there would be manufactured, not realistic to the natural conditions. So, if the argument against using pot comes down to "we have to put toxins in the product to convince people it's poisonous", then your argument against the product is based on a lie. If you have to lie to get people's support, maybe your argument is poorly founded.

--It's like how the repugs can only win if they cheat. Maybe, just maybe, if you have to lie and cheat to get people on your side, your side is wrong and you should try to understand what most other people can clearly see.


The LCB sure has pulled some boneheaded moves but it's good to see these issues being discussed openly even if the public doesn't have the kind of input we should have.

Testing for pesticides and other forms of contamination should be mandatory for safety's sake and the public should be allowed to grow their own as other states do. Regarding edibles, the products aren't the problem, the packaging is.

Make the packaging opaque and unattractive so kids can't see the products. Brown paper bags and cardboard boxes have concealed adult stuff since I was a kid,lol. Might not be a bad idea to require an insert for every package of edibles: How to explain them to children, how to store them safely so kids don't have access, common sense tips like that.


Hey — our state Senate has good cause to keep these hearings private. Any public examination of any LCB member’s job performance would instantly and permanently render them unemployable for life.


RickfromTexas you can't force companies to make their product "opaque, unattractive, brown bag" and want them to market their product like Washington has them do. Adult products are not at all hid like that or made to be unattractive colors.

Oh and the LCB is trying their hardest to not be a joke. It's not working but they're trying

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