Apparently every "unborn child" is potentially the next Einstein, but heroin users are better off dead. I'm sure that's just what Jesus would want, right?


I'm not going to apologize for believeing this guy is more trouble than help. End of the day, he glorifies drug use while performing harm reduction. He keeps his wheel spinning and the money coming in.


Liberal Governor of California, Jerry Brown's Veto Message for Injection Sites:

An audio interview between a Denver, CO on-air personality and a City of Vancouver, BC employee. The Vancouver, BC/Canada, program known as "Insite." Simply put, "Insite" is a disaster according to this Vancouver city employee.

AM710 KNUS News/Talk


Yes, @6, I’m sure he’s really raking in the dough. Everyone knows if you want to make it big and retire early, the financial windfall of operating a free needle exchange clinic is a sure winner.


@10 his next act will be to run for President as a billionaire independent.


Damn the Free Needle Exchange Clinic Industrial Complex!


@13 Another 'freedom lover' for the police state!


@14 Did you reply to the right comment? That comment mentioned neither 'freedom' nor 'police'. Try again.


Needle exchanges in safe injection sites worked wonders in Portugal during their heroin epidemic.

Addicts stopped dying, dirty needles and other drug debris in public places went away since they were disposed of at the sites, and the rate of new addictions dropped to an all time low while the rate of addicts getting into recovery increased dramatically.

But if you're happy with the status quo, by all means keep supporting Safe Seattle, they apparently like things the way they are right now. Either that or they have absolutely no ideas that come anywhere close to what Portugal achieved.


@15 Well David, like many of his right-wing brethren, is all about liberty, and he is pretty clearly weighing in on the side of prohibition here, hence weighing in on the side of the gestapo that enforces prohibition ('enabling' them in other words).


@18 Indeed Ken. Couldn't have phrased it better myself.


@20 Right on! Now if only we had a well armed band of state sponsored thugs to stomp out fornication (strictly among the rabble mind you), why I'll bet it would be good and eradicated in short order. Just look at the success the DEA has had in ridding us of the scourge of illegal drugs!


@6 Please stop by the needle exchange table during open hours for a bit and you'll see how much drug use is glorified while PHRA rolls in the money.

What you'll really see is an epidemic taking place in real time. Drug addiction is a mental illness (and if you disagree with that, you're disagreeing with the DSM V). And it's so poorly treated, that people suffering from it (and other unaddressed mental/physical health issues) must come visit an operation that is literally ran out of a closet in an alley. Real glorifying.

PHRA is always accepting donations:

As with most articles about PHRA, this one did not spend enough time highlighting the non-needle related things that PHRA is doing to help drug addicts and other people who need help. The same-day suboxone program is very popular. There is Hep-C treatment, drug-testing by DanceSafe, distribution of pipes to encourage smoking over IV use, it is one of the sites for the King County mobile health RV (twice a month), it provides condoms and other resources for sex workers, on Sunday, there is food/water/coffee, there is a weekly "womens' day" (entire volunteer staff is women) and anyone can get pregnancy tests and tampons on any day, there is a daily walk-around for needle pickup in the alley and around the church, and probably more things I am forgetting. Where's the article about all of that?


Someone is proud of their oh so nihilist shirt and hat combo.

I bet he is sad the days he only has a lame plaid shirt to wear. Such a comedown!


The t-shirt that Shilo is wearing in the flyer says "Proud to be a drug user." Why is he proud of that? Any jackass can stick a needle in his arm and slam heroin.
And, you can get hundreds of needles there without having to turn in any dirty ones.

Look, if you want to put poison in your body, no one will stop you. Certainly not the city of Seattle, where junkies openly shoot up in the heart of downtown in view of police. Just don't ask the rest of us to subsidize and normalize your habit. You want to kill yourself, fine. But keep your dirty needles out of our parks and playgrounds and other public spaces. Stop making other people suffer for your habit.


I think of Bob often. I miss him. I'm glad to hear others do too.


Last summer, Shiloh went well out of his way to train me on Narloxone administration. This is a lifesaving drug for people overdosing on opioids. I work in Pioneer Square and I see a lot of heroin usage daily. Additionally, I have a close family member who has struggled with opioid addiction for several years. It's not pretty, and it's often fatal. That is, unless people are trained to respond to potential life-or-death situations. Thanks to Shiloh, I am.

I cannot stress this enough - the data cannot stress this enough - the opioid epidemic in the US will continue to ravage us until stigma fades, safe injections sites are available, and models similar to PHRA are adopted more widely.

Fuck a NIMBY-ass business owner. Those are the people with actual blood on their hands. Shiloh literally put me in a position to save lives. I'll fucking fight you if you say otherwise. So much love to PHRA.


@31 Yeah sorry, your hypothetical business owner isn't responsible for some junkie ODing. That's on the junkie. Business owners have a hard enough time keeping themselves, their employees, and their customers safe from addicts in places like SODO and Pioneer Square.

And NIMBY? Because we should all welcome theiving junkies in our backyards? Our parks? Our playgrounds? You want to fuck up your life and poison yourself? Knock yourself out. Just dont expect others to subsidize and accept your habit. We dont owe you shit.


@34 if you use oxycontin - or any opioid for that matter - on a daily basis, you will develop a level of physical dependence (and most likely psychological dependence as well). You might want to ask for your "medical people"'s credentials.


@31 agree. I love you PHRA, we were never dirty to begin with!!!!


@33 Again, I will gladly fight you. The fact that you care more for some fictional, quaint little shop owner's paycheck over the multitudes of lives lost to this MOTHERFUCKING EPIDEMIC that has claimed more lives than the HIV/AIDS crisis at its peak (!!!) says a lot about you. Read up, toolshed. And not just the pseudo-eco/quasi-racist fiction novels you stole your handle from. Hayduke died bro. I hope you do to.


I wonder if these trolls feel the same disgust for addicts in small towns in, say, West Virginia. Or is it just the "urban" addicts they don't like?

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