@1 You're correct that most Americans just aren't very progressive, but having people in Washington to push these ideas is important. Even a watered down version of this would be a step in the right direction.


Who wants to Primary them?


"they all offer strong support for doing something about climate change"

all the platitude you need but just don't expect them to propose any significant action or vote for anything upsetting to their corporate funders. At best, they'll be dead weight.

Anyhoo, it's no great revelation that acting toward climate remediation is going to demand some kind of people's movement given both parties are controlled by corporate entities that want the status quo.


@1 Ah we have been doing things like this for a long time. So we must continue to do so. Pray do tell what the plan in when we run out of fossil fuels?


If @1 has been President Kennedy:
"I believe by the end of this decade we will do nothing different than what we do right now. We certainly won't go to the moon. We've never been to the moon so clearly, it is impossible and we aren't meant to be there."


If it gets 150 votes in congress it will be impressive. But it won't. And the senate? Wouldn't get 20 votes. Forgettaaboutit.

Every politician has seen the Yellow Vests sin France and doesn't want that on their doorstep. AOC is gonna get rolled when the time for voting actually happens.


How are those high speed trains gonna work for my vacations in Hawaii and Bali?


As long as people don't get hysterical over climate change, there's no reason to panic.


I’m super excited to hear how AOC is going to build enough bullet train railroads to negate the need for air travel (over the oceans none the less!) in 10 short years when its going to take Sound Transit longer than that to get light rail from downtown to Ballard.

Also, can’t wait to hear the details of her plan to cap cow farts.

Such a pity she can’t run for President in 2020... perhaps we should amend the constitution?


@7 It's ok Kenny, don't be afraid: you too can eventually learn how to stop shitting in your bed. Especially since scientists who actually know a thing or two about climate change tell us we still had time to avert catastrophic change.

The case for climate optimism:


Bullet train to NYC from Seattle? Fastest bullet trains run around 220 mph average.

Seattle to NYC is 2800 miles. That's roughly 12 hours for vs a 4.5 hour flight. And that's not including stops or connections that train will need to make.

And the cost? Last tickets I bought to NYC from Seattle cost about $300, so about $50 more than the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka which is only about a 2.5 hrs run.

You do the math, socialists.


@10 We can't really afford to wait for you to figure out how much it's going to cost to do nothing. Civilisation collapse is pretty much free so we can surely afford it.


You’re letting facts get in the way.
You fucking fascist.


@7 We're already bleeding.


Climate change wasn't real, but now that it is we can't do anything about it. Hmmm. I begin to see.


@18 of course, climate change deniers have no intellectual honesty and never did. They'll always say something to not act on climate change like they already did 20 years ago.


Most “climate change deniers” that I know agree that the climate is changing, as it has, cyclically, throughout the earths history. They just aren’t convinced it’s caused by leaf blowers and cow farts.


@20 Except that you previously denied it changing for years even though you were as ignorant of climate science yesterday as you are today.



Haven't you heard? Ignorance is Strength.


@20 Climate change denier stands for anyone who denies major aspects of climate change science, which includes its existence, its cause and its impacts: i.e. global climate is warming, anthropocentric fossil fuel emissions and land use are the cause of warming, its impact will be catastrophic if unchecked. Denying any of these points makes you a denier whether you like it or not.

You also probably think it's clever to now acknowledge the existence of climate change but not its cause, but deniers has been using these rhetorical tactics since the beginning: it has never been difficult to encounter a denier using all levels of denial (often mutually exclusive) within the same comment ("it's not really happening but if it's happening it is not big and it is due to natural variability and anyway, it will be beneficial to mankind. If it's big, there is nothing we can do about it"). Your dishonesty is blatant. Give it up.


Dear god....I read through her plan and am frightened that this sort of left wing shit is going to give us four more years of Trump. Where the fuck are the adults in the Democrat Party?


I simply adore AOC (and her like). Can’t get enough of her. I am thrilled beyond measure that she is now the face of the progressive Democrat party! She’s simply perfect in that role.


Shorter Climate Change Deniers Who've Just Recently Seen The Light: "Fuck it, I'll be dead by the time things get really bad, and then it'll be my kids' problem - the little bastards - let them figure it out. My flight leaves in two hours and my Uber STILL isn't here yet!"


@26 And yet, you still haven't offered policies that even have the remotest chances of gaining public support and continue to use global warming as an excuse for the massive expansion of government and little else.


High speed rail completely replacing air travel is a totally garbage idea. Carbon free or carbon offset air travel is a far more attainable goal than linking all of America's major cities and current airports by high speed rail. Hybrid jet engines will come along in about 2030 anyway.

And high speed rail will never be competitive with flights coast to coast.

You're also aiming at the wrong target. Air travel is just 11% of the carbon emissions from transportation and just 4% of carbon emissions total. Commercial trucking and day-to-day commuting have a far larger impact on climate. Our homes (which we can switch over to wind and solar energy sources) release as much carbon as all of our transportation sources combined. It's fucking absurd to focus on air travel, it's not the biggest source of carbon nor the lowest hanging source of carbon reductions.


Yeah, you guys are probably right.
We can probably just put off doing anything about this for another generation or two, what's the rush?

Daily CO2
February 6, 2019: 411.37 ppm
February 6, 2018: 407.95 ppm


I know Ken and his compatriots here have all done some extensive research on this topic so I have a little trepidation about weighing in, but: you think maybe, sort of, doing something, like right now, could maybe, sort of, make the difference between major catastrophe and the end of life on earth? I'll acknowledge you are pretty convincing. There really is scant difference between arresting the rise of sea levels and preventing the earth from turning into Venus. Hey 2 degrees, if 2 degrees just means half the world's coastal cities are underwater how could 8 degrees possibly hurt?


8 degrees? Shit, there's often way more way more than 8 degrees difference between my house and the outside. AND I SURVIVE EVERY TIME.

(Sarcasm alert, for the cognitively impaired)


The whole thing is one big farting cow.


Whoops! New Green deal discovers the real threat to America: making poetry therapy majors and spoken word poets find work:

"Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Ed Markey (D., Mass.) introduced a Green New Deal bill Thursday that, in addition to transitioning the U.S. entirely to renewable energy in ten years, promises to provide “economic security for those unable or unwilling to work.”


How can you expect these legislators to support The Green New
Deal when they work for the super rich?


We can look forward to the end of the human race in the near future if we don’t do a turnaround.
I am very old and won’t be here. Yet I still give a damn about the children. What’s wrong with those that can’t help build a better world for them?


@38- something based in reality would be nice. Seattle had a ten year plan to end homelessness and that certainly didn't work. ST won't be completed until 2040 but green deal wants high speed rail connecting all major cities in ten years? The whole thing is just nonsense.


@39 Its a goal we need to work on and demand change including taking it to the streets. Yes the
ten year plan didn’t work because the city government is corrupt and has/had other priorities such as corporate welfare for corporations that are killing us. We have to change that and kick their asses. No more excuses. We have to take charge. Take it up with like minded people and groups. We can do it.


Oh Jeez.... Now OCA has taken her FAQ down and said never mind... I mean the GOP hacked me.... I mean lalalala I cant hear you (and no I’m not going to explain why I edited the hacked page before I took it down).

What a moron.


All the naysayers are unbelievable. They all have the same argument: But we have to destroy our own species and macro biological systems because I want stuff and I love to drive. Also young women should be quiet. And we won't be here when the real agony begins so who cares.
Let the unrealistic dreamers run things for a while. I'm so sick of boot licking Stockholm syndrome peasants apologizing for late capitalisms plantation owners.


"Let the unrealistic dreamers run things for a while."

Unrealistic dreamers like Mao and Pol Pot?


Forced 1 payer medical care for all
Living wage for those unwilling to work
Open boarders
Ban on air travel
Ban on beef
Rebuilding every building in the county
And now Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is calling for the Department of Homeland Security to be completely defunded!

Soooo... Goodbye:
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Federal Emergency Management Agency
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Transportation Security Administration
United States Coast Guard (during times of peace)
National Protection and Programs Directorate
United States Secret Service
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Federal Protective Service
Citizenship & Immigration Services Ombudsmen
Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
Management Directorate
Office for Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
Office of General Counsel
Office of Health Affairs
Office of Intelligence & Analysis
Office of Legislative Affairs
Office of Operations Coordination
Office of Partnership & Engagement
Office of Policy
Office of Public Affairs
Office of the Inspector General
Privacy Office
Science & Technology Directorate

Loving these new small government Progressives!

Good ridence to the Office for Civil Rights & Civil Liberties and who needs FEMA anyway?


Yeezus, this AOC woman is an embarrassment to women.


It shouldn't be too long before a great number of people realize AOC is mostly social media stunts. All about wrapper, not the candy inside.


Adam Smith released a statement yesterday supporting the Green New Deal.


The GND is an ambitious refocusing of our priorities. Exactly what we need. I hope more Dems give their support.


So... you're going to make every single person in the country buy a new vehicle in the next 10 years since you're banning my hybrid? Sounds probable...
This is why climate change divides us so much. We should be investing in breakthrough technology not using the government to ban poor people from driving.


This comments discussion, though hijacked by trolls and corporate tools, demonstrates how we are likely doomed. We have no means to interpret reality, assess threats, and act accordingly. We only have something called "politics", which is opposed to our survival.

We will just limp along and whine what an insult to freedom it is to use LED lightbulbs, much less do what is required to have some semblance of livable planet. Have a big party while you can, folks. Self-satisfied nihilism is America's gift to the world.


If it’s in there best interest not to drive, and they can’t reach that conclusion on their own, it’s the governments responsibility to prevent them from driving. Get woke. It’s called Progressivism.


@24 She is a freshman member and as far left as anyone in Washington. The other 98% of the party has had the same MO for 25 years.


"I'm so sick of boot licking Stockholm syndrome peasants apologizing for late capitalism's plantation owners." --SevenStars

Q. Will the Kochs, LLC allow them entry to their gilded Caves?

A. Unlikely. Oh, well. They're probably gonna get used to boot eating the quickest. If ya boil 'em, for long enough, I hear they can be pretty tender. Some say, you can even get used to Vibram™ soles, too. If you're Hungry.

@47 -- a mere Flash in the Pan is she?
There's no 'there' there?

Thanks for the head'zup!

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