Beths, we need you.
Beth's, we need you. Parkerla/ Getty Images

The property that Beth's Cafe sits on has been listed as for sale on Redfin.

The 24-hour greasy spoon, home to bottomless hash browns and a delightfully curmudgeonly staff, has been a Green Lake staple since 1954. In a new posting, Redfin lists the parcels that include Beth's, Duck Island Ale House, and The Mower Shop for sale at $6,000,000.

The location, just above Green Lake and in the middle of some key transit lines into downtown—and, South Lake Union, as the listing specifically points out—would be eligible for up-zoning if Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) legislation passes. It's a ripe spot for more density.

"Beth’s property is for sale for developers if they plan on spending the $6,000,000," Janelle Norviel, Beth's general manager, told The Stranger. "We’re not planning on going anywhere or closing the business."

Norviel said this news is brand new to her and that she's been fielding questions all day.