Ownership of Beth's is decided by the mass consumption of eggs, not the trading of mere dollars.


That's a dollar for every cockroach.


If you can eat a 24-egg omelette in one sitting, you are the new owner of Beth’s.


This was a popular destination in the 90's, so obviously the Pike Place Market Historic District should be expanded to encompass this location, and the owner forced to maintain use as a diner in perpetuity.


Last time I was there was the 90's. Is this the place where the waiter sits at your table to tell you about his band while you pull a 2 foot human hair from your meal?


@6: That was pretty much everywhere in Seattle in the ‘90s, yes.


As a long term resident transplant from the east coast, I'm really bummed to read of this. I liked the big omelets, the milkshakes and the gritty punk atmosphere of Beth's. Never really touched by the Showbox going away or other so-called Seattle institutions, but Beth going away is a big downer.


My old brunch spot. Never give up! Never surrender!


@4: But only if the outcome is limited to the building’s owner suing the city for about what buying the building would cost. Other than that, the city should take no action*.

Campaign events for CM Sawant excepted, of course. Especially if on city property.


@9 I was so bummed when Alan Rickman died. Heard a rumor just before his death that the whole cast was going to return for the new Galaxy Quest.


I'm seriously thinking some of you won't be satisfied until there's literally nothing left in this town more than 15 years old and owned by a multi-national corporate chain brand.


Beth's is a bung-hole.
No Greenwood residents will be missing it.


12 - "I'm seriously thinking" = NO BODY CARES.


@12: I’m seriously thinking some of you won’t be satisfied until horses are pulling fire trucks again.

Change happens. Deal with it.


@12 - Amen. They all moved to Seattle because of what it was and then worked their asses off to destroy all of that.


Nothing on Aurora Ave North should be allowed to change ever again, because it has reached a state of sublime perfection now that can only be degraded, not improved.


Nostalgia is a natural response to the passing of a place like Beth's.
It's unpretentious, authentic.
And any place whose main appeal is portion size is going to attract a young crowd, a rite-of-passage sort of dining experience.
These places where young people can go with their friends and all feel comfortable no matter how they are dressed that are not fast-food places. Places where there is no etiquette to be decoded or standard of hipness to be maintained.
There was the Dog House and the Hasty Tasty and others... hopefully there are still those types of places.


@11 That would have been amazing. RIP Alan Rickman. Loved him since I saw Die Hard as a kid. ~'I could talk about industrialization and men's fashion all day, but sometimes work must intercede.'


Well this is going to put most foodie channels, Travel channel etc out of biz.. According to Their Seattle food segments, Beth's is all we have here.


Yeah, I lived nearby for years and only went to Beth's once. It was unapologetically a greasy spoon and I felt it catered to the minority of right wingers who lived along Aurora Ave. Not a bad place per se, but had that rural road diner feel.


If you have to be drunk to eat the food


Good, Beth's does not make great food. It's average at best. If it was/is so good. Then wherever the owner opens up a new place. It should have all of the business and more of the old place. But it won't.

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