He could have expressed the same grievances without explicit saying "minorities" and it would hardly be a racist ramble.



But, he didn't do that DID he? He DID explicitly state that "minorities" had these problems, he didn't say "people" or "everyone", did he? Even you must recognize that as textbook racism: when someone attributes negative qualities or characteristics to one specific racial or ethnic group and excepts others, particularly their own.


And the Klan could have gone around just lynching all men suspected of even looking at a woman in an objectifying way and they wouldn't be a racist hate group and young Brett Kavanaugh might have been a decent fellow.


Better coach them so they don't say any keywords, then it'll be cool.


@5: No coaching needed. Committee members are probably quite adept at ascertaining the core issues apart from the angry and misguided stereotypes and complaining coming from the speakers.


Thanks for writing this article, Rich. I'd never have heard of this particular discussion without you. I think the us is full of so many people who live in a world of casual racism like this person. It should be connected to the fact that apparently pretty much all leaders in Virginia were also living in a world of such casual racism, especially when they were young.

I am also from a southern state, but going in black face wouldn't have been accepted in my school's yearbook. So there is a place more racist than where I came from.


I am with Raindrop. "We'll take the Nigers and the Chincs but no Irish."


Facts are not racist.
Even if they hurt your snowflake bigoted Leftist feelings.

The speaker addressed why minorities are disproportionately affected by eviction,
by observing that they disproportionately experience issues that lead to eviction.
Do you have facts that disprove his observation that minorities have substance abuse problems at higher rates?
Share them.


@9 Minorities having a greater rate of evictions is fact. Racist rambling attributing these evictions to greater rates of mental illness and drug use among minorities aren't "facts" and they don't need to be "disproved". Go away troll.


Say 9, I'll bet you a million billion dollars that if you normalize for poverty, drugs, alcohol and psychosis are color-blind (save first gen immigrants). Broke ass white people are just as fucked up as broke ass any other people.

But this cat sees the stereotypes he pre-believes, and bias so confirmed acts on it. That my bruh is the definition of racist.


@12: It really doesn't matter. He's a racist. But the problems he and other landlords face are still pertinent to the committee. I think we're all intelligent enough to handle these things in parallel and still address the problems that need attention.



To answer your (presumably rhetorical) question: I don't believe anyone is suggesting that people who actually cause problems shouldn't be evicted, but pre-judging exactly who MAY cause problems solely on the color of their skin is flat-out racist. Are there POC with drug, alcohol and mental health issues? Absolutely. Are there White People with those same problems? Unequivocally. So, why should POC be penalized BEFORE they've caused any problems, but White People are allowed a free pass? It's the action, not the potential for action that should be the determining factor, because in truth literally ANYONE could potentially be a problem for a landlord.


The Landlord is sharing his experience with the committee.
He is labeled a racist by Rich and the committee members and commenters here because their racism assumes a white landlord must be a racist.
The Left excels at accusing others of what it harbors.
Why don't you kids clean up your mess in Virginia before you lecture anyone else on racism.


Private property is more valued than human life and under this economic system that is a fact.

It does not mean your home or car. Capitalism needs racism said Malcom X to help perpetuate itself.


15 It is a problem with vast numbers of the dejected and exploited peoples is this shithole of america.

20 this shithole of america.


I wouldn't rent to white trailer trash either.


" Capitalism needs racism"

Yes, because there's no racism in socialist countries.


@18: If you destroy someone's property, you pay for the damage and likely a fine. If you take their life, you go to prison.

So, no it is not a fact no matter how you contort it (and that includes philosophically, and socio-economically). I know you think it sounds clever and vogue, but as the saying goes "you're entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts."


@23 Yes but your facts won't get hippie sophomore chicks hot and wet like some hormonal teenage angst will.


This article is an by a reporter advocate. A over reaction to the testimony in a hypersensitive atmosphere. But, the speaker should have been more careful. Why give the state reps something to slap you around with. I have evicted several tenants, usually driven by the inability to control their excess which results in repeated late rent payments and eventually they self destruct and stop paying altogether. Almost every time I am getting repeated complaints their neighbors. As a landlord i have a legal responsibility to the impacted neighbors to provide the peaceful enjoyment of their home. Without a doubt the most difficult tenants are white.


Racist landlords are nothing new.

What really bothers me is that fucking twerp Sen. Mullet. He defined the remarks as "offensive," which is incredibly lame. Any racist old biddie can be offended. I'm sure the landlord having to rent to black folks felt offended. Claiming your offended by bigoted statements is a weak pathetic cop-out.

This is what we should be saying in response to bigots: "The statement by [bigot] is not only ill-informed, it shows a lack of character, insight, and intelligence. Their entire statement should be ignored."

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