They died from exposure.
They died from exposure. KUDOU/GETTY IMAGES

Seattle is providing free transit for low-income citizens: Not all low-income citizens, don't be crazy. But some people living in Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) properties will receive free transit from Seattle's ORCA Opportunity program. Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the program expansion today during her State of the City address. It could be implemented as soon as this summer.

Homeless people are arrested in Seattle more than any group: According to a report by Crosscut's David Kroman, 1 in 5 people arrested in Seattle are homeless. It's a chronic problem and vicious cycle—most homeless people aren't just arrested one time, but time and time again. Arrests and jail time are harrowing and disruptive for those struggling with homelessness: enough time in jail can disqualify people from certain types of housing (you're not on the street when you're in jail and therefore no longer chronically homeless). There's more. So much more.

Tim Eyman claims his alleged theft of an Office Depot chair was an accident: Tim Eyman—a name that, when uttered, must be said with a heavy sigh—has been charged with a misdemeanor theft for taking a $70 chair from Office Depot without paying for it. The Seattle Times has the surveillance video of Eyman, that grubby little car-tab tax troll, coyly sitting in the chair in Office Depot's entryway, spinning in it, and then wheeling it out into the parking lot. Eyman claimed today in a statement that he believed he had paid for the chair and was distracted by a phone call. His lawyer told Rich Smith that this is "not how [Eyman] typically acts as a customer."

Five people believed died in King County during the snowstorm: They died of exposure. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office is trying to identify one of the people who died. She is a mixed-race woman thought to be aged 30 to 60. She was believed to be homeless.

Some weather:

Former Seahawks player shot dead over parking spot dispute: Anthony "T.J." Cunningham was killed yesterday in Aurora, Colorado when a neighbor shot him. The two were at a parking lot between two middle schools and attempting to settle a long-held dispute over a parking spot. Cunningham played for the Seahawks in 1996.

Anti-Semitism running rampant in France: There have been a string of anti-Semitic attacks across France over the last few weeks. Most recently, there was an attack Tuesday where vandals defaced the graves in a Jewish cemetery with swastikas and other anti-Jewish slogans. Thousands of French people rallied in Paris Tuesday to say "enough is enough" to the anti-Semitism.

Andrew Yang trolls spammed our online Slog poll: Take it here.

Something we will probably not see: There's going to be a super moon tonight. It's supposed to be the biggest and brightest moon of 2019. Someone in another, less cloudy city will have to tell us what it looks like. Rumor has it that it looks like this:

This new emoji is causing some confusion: Listen, I'm not going to pretend to know anything about the emoji selection process. For whatever reason, it seems like a big deal. People place a lot of meaning in their emojis, I guess. But, this new emoji has caused a bit of an uproar for understandable reasons. It's a rainbow flag—a symbol for the LGBTQ community—with a strikethrough symbol over it.

There's an online petition to sell Montana to Canada: The plan is simple. The United States sells Montana. Profit. National debt? Reduced. It was started by a group called "Christian moms against private education." Montana's price tag was set at $1 trillion. Around 7,500 people have signed it. From the description: "We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something."

I went to Panera Bread for lunch today: They told me there wasn't any bread left. They told me this in front of a lot of bread.

Is it okay to hate a child?

Speaking of children: The Covington High School kid is suing the Washington Post for $250 million in compensatory and punitive damages. The suit alleges that the Post "wrongfully targeted and bullied."

It's 2019: New York City is just now implementing rules that will protect black men and women in the city from policies that penalize them based on their natural hair. It essentially states that public places can't force black people to change their hair. This, sadly, is the first rule of its kind in the country.

The federal government is trying with all its might to kill California's high-speed rail plan: The bullet train project from Los Angeles to San Francisco could be dead in the water after the U.S. Department of Transit vowed to cancel $929 million in federal grant funds for it. The Department of Transit also wants to get back a $2.5 billion grant that's already in use constructing 119 miles of rail in the Central Valley. California Gov. Gavin Newsom believes this is political payback for California leading 16 other states in protesting Trump's "national emergency" for border security.