Correction, ending standard time and keeping daylight time permanent


Does Alaska have daylight saving time?


I hate Baby Boomers.


Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt

UN Warns Against Politicizing Humanitarian Aid in Venezuela (Reuters, 2/6/19):
UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations warned on Wednesday against using aid as a pawn in Venezuela after the United States sent food and medicine to the country’s border and accused President Nicolas Maduro of blocking its delivery with trucks and shipping containers.

Indeed, as Bevins also noted, the Red Cross has long been working with local authorities inside Venezuela to deliver relief, and just last week doubled its budget to do so. [...]


@3 divide and conquer

a conservative tactics used successfully over and over and over again


Ugg- Sasquatch 1.0 was awful enough. Now this?

In the DIY touring community there are bands we refer to as 'Festival Acts'- these are bands with no appreciable independent draw, but somehow have a promoter who hustled them into the tour circuit. The noon to 8pm, second stage filler in most of these abominations.

The only thing less fun than attending these is actually performing. It is usually a very early load-in and backline. Stuck in a remote location with limited access to food/drink. Often physically uncomfortable, expectation that you will stay for the entire day, and then you end up having to listen to Major Lazer. Awful.


The Daylight Savings Time “controversy”. The siren call for people with too much time on their hands.



Seriously. And the last thing such people need is even MORE time, which they seek through their nefarious scheme to obtain more daylight!


sorry but. "...and now you want me to sit through two nights of Bassnectar" is so lame. NO! the don't want you to sit through anything. they want whoever is willing to come out and pay for it to sit through it.

also @7 thanks for the sly pun! love those!


It needs to be brought up on a daily basis that Trump has already done more than enough to demand his impeachment. He's so much further down the road than even Nixon was that we should be demanding the start of impeachment proceedings DAILY. (In before "wHAt cRImEs hAS hE BEen CONvicTed Of thO?" Nixon hadn't been convicted of anything when he resigned, and we all know that no conviction is necessary to start proceedings. Even Lindsey Graham already made the point - back during Bill Clinton's tenure - that denigrating the office is grounds for impeachment, before his tongue was committed 24/7 as Trump's bidet. And Trump has done so much more than simply denigrating the office.)


Impeachment without conviction and removal from office is just showboating. If Democrats want to close the deal, they have to be reluctant. They have to pass up the first and second and third and tenth slam dunk opportunity to impeach. Only after they have everyone convinced they truly didn't want to, but were forced to do so by overwhelming evidence and the absolute nonpartisan good of the country, only then is there a snowball's chance that those feckless Republican Senators will cross party lines and do their duty. And even then. When was the last time a Republican did that when it counted? How many of Trump's unqualified nominees have they rejected? A few Republicans break ranks for the good of the country, but only when it won't affect the final outcome.

A failed impeachment would make a good show. The fact that they aren't putting on a show is all the proof you need that they really do want his ass out of office.


Oh shit, did I miss the joke from Catalina?! It kinda read as serious (or.. you know, as serious as any of our random blatherings on here. Gosh, I wish we could edit/delete when necessary.)


@11 is spot-on. After a failed impeachment, the First Walrus will be going on forever about how he was "acquitted" and they determined that there was "no collusion." It would help his fund-raising and strengthen his bid for re-election. Better to arrest him 10 seconds after the next Prez is sworn in..


I'm glad we're fucking over millennials. So much complaining, not enough doing. What have they ever done for us anyway?


"All the piecewise reporting [on the 'witch-hunt' of the soon-to-be, but-not-soon-enough ex-Prez] we’ve read fits together like a high-stakes corruption Jenga tower."

From which the entire Trumpfy Crime Fambly™ will be hoisted, upon its own petard.
Trumpfy Dumpfy had a GREAT Fall.
Sic 'em, Rudy!*

NOT. Gonna. Miss. 'Em.

*perhaps Rudy's actually a Undercover Agent?!
Too wild to speculate!


The whole young blood transfusion thing seems to me the ultimate expression of capitalism. Those who can afford elective blood transfusions get to live longer lives, and those who rely on Medicaid (which just doesn't cover such nonsense) get to die young. Also, young people are valued only insofar as how much we can bleed them for.

To hear that now the FDA suggests there was no evidence this experiment in vampirism does any good conjures an image of the day Peter Theil receives his diagnosis of Hepatitis C, which ironically, will shorten rather than lengthen his life.

Don't feel too sad. Peter can afford Harvoni to get rid of the HCV blues,. You can't, though.


@14 and this behavior will continue until it gets too hard to walk up the stairs to your bed.

I think it's pretty great irony that the party that caught all the "people not like me aren't really people" people has a meme about how people who aren't like them literally aren't people (npc's) but when it comes to actual comments, it's so VERY difficult to tell conservatives in comment sections from Russian botnets. Happy hunting!


I'm totally down with year-round DST in WA, but it won't happen until Congress changes the law. Since 1966, states have had only two options: they can either (1) follow the federal dictates on when DST begins and ends each year, or (2) stay permanently on standard time, as Arizona does. The second choice isn't as appealing as year-round DST, but I'd still favor it just so we could STOP CHANGING THE G.D. CLOCKS. That would be good enough.

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