Is the death of the printed Weekly that big a story? I've been reading the Stranger for 27 years, but haven't picked up a print copy in probably the last 3. Hopefully the Weekly can find an online voice that's interesting.


@3: It's worth noting. Obviously, you at least feel that your opinion on it being noteworthy is worth noting.


@1 Dumb comment. You kunderstand that web servers and the devices you read digital upon are far from carbon neutral and almost nothing in them can really be recycled.


@5 Electrons are endlessly recycled.
As for paper being carbon-expensive, all paper would be less so --and the process less toxic-- if we stopped foolishly using trees for paper, and relied on industrial Hemp.

I still blame 'New Times' of AZ for buying up & destroying the Seattle Weekly in it's hostile takeover of the Village Voice Media group, of which SW was a part. back in 2006. They gutted the staff the first time --it was very ugly-- setting SW on the downward spiral to its grim end. So I lay this death on their doorstep.


From what I've heard there isn't a Seattle anymore to begin with, so I'm not sure what you'd put in a real newspaper about it.

Ah well, at least we've still got this quirky local dining circular to leave comments on.


Really? I thought it stopped printing over a year ago. I haven't seen it in any of the outlets in my area that regularly carried it in at least that long. I've been reading it online instead.

Come on. Can The Stranger be far behind?

PS: When I do read The Stranger, it's online only. Haven't picked up a printed copy in years.


It's hard to believe now, but when it was young, the Weekly was fun, smart, even sort of cool. Then they got older, moved to the burbs, and the Stranger grabbed the cool mantle. RIP Weekly, long may the Stranger wave.


Capitalism killed journalism.


@9 - Knute Berger lives in the CD, and the SW offices were at the north edge of Pioneer Square...
@11 - That's a song, right? I seem to remember a tune.. somewhere....
You can also add Democracy to capitalism's successful hit list. Money-power hates democracy & <3's authoritarian fuckwits... always has.

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