Funny, I participated in a focus group last night about health insurance, and although the moderators aren't allowed to tell you who hired them, I'm 100% sure it was about this public option. Everyone in the group was self-employed and on an individual plan. The moderators asked about our current frustrations, what our "non-negotiables" would be when designing a health plan from scratch, etc.


I'm happy to see Progressives working on this issue in the blue states. Too often every issue is shuffled off to DC because, well, Progressives tend to like a top down approach. The ACA -- a cobbled together poorly designed mess -- was a result of too many fixes in one bag. So good luck with this one, Washington! Frankly I wouldn't want to be a part of your experiment... but you do you.


This liberal progressive is dead set against universal coverage as it’s being described. This country spends nearly 20 cents of every dollar on health care, with much of that going on the national credit card. Not another dime, as far I’m concerned.

As it is we spend double, per capita, than nearly every other developed country. But whereas those countries provide universal access and low out-of-pocket costs, we still have millions who are uninsured and extremely high premiums, deductibles, copays. If you think that extra spending is buying us vastly better health, you’re wrong. Where’s it all going? Profit. Profits to hospitals, physicians groups, nursing facilities, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers, home health providers, …the list goes on. Some value is lost in higher administrative costs from relying on private insurers to finance the system, but that’s a drop in the bucket. Before we spend any more, we need to focus on getting the value out of what we already spend. The only fiscally responsible solution is to prop up a public system that provides both financing AND delivery.

Here’s an analogy: While I am a big supporter of universal broadband, I would never demand that we implement “Comcast for All” as the solution. We can’t afford it. Demanding universal access to the private delivery system is no different.

Stepping back, we need to ask, what is the point? Health care does not equal health, and having health insurance is not a major contributor to good health. Want to increase health? Spend more on education! Nothing predicts health better than education. To allow health care spending to further crowd out education funding would be a real tragedy.


We're already paying MORE for Less Healthcare (shittier outcomes) than the rest of the Planet. If only WE, too, were smart enough to figure out how the rest of the Planet does it, and steal all their Best Ideas...

All those folks employed in the skimming operation that is Today's Healthcare Corps will (hopefully) soon need gainful employment. Let's have them sell liability, etc, insurance to gun owners.

FORTY THOUSAND Deaths per year seems like yet another Healthcare Crisis, to me. Two birds, one stone. If gun manufacturers won't be held Accountable, then let's at least put the Financial Burden squarely where it belongs. And keep those folks a' workin'!

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