People would be able to vacate second-degree felony assault.

These are not folks who got caught with a bag of weed. Or folks who shoplifted. If you were convicted of second-degree felony assault, then you fall into one of the following categories.

"Intentionally assaults another and thereby recklessly inflicts substantial bodily harm;"
"Assaults another with a deadly weapon; "
"Knowingly inflicts bodily harm which by design causes such pain or agony as to be the equivalent of that produced by torture."

I really don't care how long ago you committed a violent act against another. I really don't care if you have served your sentence in full. If you were capable of "Assaults another by strangulation or suffocation" then the stigma of that should follow you around for the rest of your life.

This bill goes to far. I think it is important to know if anyone we associated with had ever done this, "With intent to inflict bodily harm, administers to or causes to be taken by another, poison or any other destructive or noxious substance."

People who are convicted of violence against others should not be given an opportunity to clear their record.

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