March 16 is a Saturday, not a Wednesday.


@1 Art Institute grad probably.


Will the Film Institute of Seattle be next?


"the Dream Center Foundation, a Christian missionary organization..."

Reason #10,001 why religion poisons everything.


RIP to some pretty sweet studio spaces though :/


“We strongly disagree with the decision to close before this quarter is over,” says Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) deputy director Don Bennett in a press release. “It’s incredibly frustrating and distressing to students and it completely disrupts their education," he added.

What AIS does is collect money. The educating is a distant second to that primary drive, and I could rant for several thousand words to support this argument. For them to close ASAP means students will not be incurring mountains of student loan debt to earn credits that won't be worth anything anywhere else. Seriously, even other branches of the Art Institute chain didn't transfer credits (or didn't while I was there in the early '00s at least, maybe these kids who transferred multiple times had better treatment than those I knew).

There ARE good art schools: Art Center, CalArts, Stanford, Savanna College, maybe even Cornish and Gage here in Seattle. Today, any aspiring artist can google the best schools in the country, or look up what school their idol attended before they went to Pixar or became the Oscar-winning costume designer for Black Panther, etc. Thankfully the Art Institutes won't be there to bilk them like they did to me and so many others.


Coincidentally Knat, the artist who did the concept art for black panther's costume did go to the art institute of Seattle. But he was already a fantastic artist before he set foot on campus. By and large I agree that the school was a massive waste of money.


If the daughter of the founder of the film school is a proper indicator, which she is...



Mercifully no need to endure a long wait in the comments section before the utterance of "snowflake." How original. Have you considered a future in the creative arts? Oh wait: you endorse only "real" jobs, like selling home entertainment systems so people can follow more vital pursuits like music videos and football games.

On the other hand, I only have one response to the question: " If the school's going to close, she reasons, "why bother doing any work?" Perhaps because you are an artist.

In centuries past, billionaires would fund institutions like these for the cultural bragging rights. Nowadays billionaires fund space rockets instead. Small wonder that Picasso's reaction to the moon landing was "It means nothing to me. I have no opinion about it, and I don’t care." Picasso knew that the plutocrats and bureaucrats find engineers easier to control than artists.


Sorry for the students who've had the rug pulled out from under them.


Institutional art is not art.

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