Border wall funding could delay two Washington military projects: The Seattle Times reports that money allocated away from planned domestic military projects could delay an $89 million pier and maintenance effort at Naval Base Kitsap at Bangor and $23 million of maintenance at the Army’s Yakima Training Center. Trump’s national emergency declaration technically allows him to reallocate money from military construction, but the declaration has already been rebuked by Congress and is currently the target of legal challenges. Whether or not the wall gets built, and it’s safe to say it won’t, these projects could be tied up in bureaucracy for a long time.

You ever heard the word centibillionaire? Well, the Puget Sound area has two of them, the only two in known existence. Both Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are listed as having net worths north of $100 billion, after Gates added $9.5 billion just this year alone. As if normal billionaires weren’t bad enough. But it’s doubtful the two will maintain this ridiculous distinction; Gates has been donating money as fast as his accountant will allow through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Bezos is going through a divorce where he stands to lose half his fortune. So we may soon live in a world with no centibillionaires, which is a world I’d like to live in.

It feels like summer, but that means wildfires too: We may be enjoying this little heat wave we’ve been having, but wildfires are now part of the package. The Puget Sound area saw no less than six brush fires as of yesterday afternoon, with the biggest being an 80-acre blaze in Mossyrock. At least this is an accurate preview of summer, where wildfires and weeks-long smoke pollution are almost guaranteed. Sorry to bum you all out—actually, no I’m not, climate change is here and March wildfires is what that looks like. Oh and it turns out we broke TWO records yesterday.

We might break more records today: I wore shorts yesterday—and let me tell you, it felt amazing. I might even do it again today, and so should you. But wear sunscreen. What, you think you’re tougher than the sun? It’s the fucking sun.

Solar and wind energy has quintupled in the last decade! Quintupled means grown by fivefold. That wasn’t for you, that was me double checking on Google. Of all the electricity Americans use, 17.6 percent comes from renewables, with hydropower (6.9 percent), wind power (6.5 percent), and solar (2.3 percent) making up the biggest chunks. Power from hydroelectric dams has remained relatively constant over the last decade, but solar and wind power have mushroomed as the technology becomes more efficient and a lot cheaper. Go green, save green, y’all.

Super dank weed may lead to psychotic episodes: I know, I know, I sound like your parents after they catch you smoking for the first time and they shove a bunch of anti-weed propaganda in your face—or maybe that was just me. But a new study suggests that people who smoke high-potency weed on a daily basis are four times more likely to experience psychosis than someone who has never gotten high. At first, this sounded like bullshit, but then I saw it was published in the Lancet Psychiatry, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world. Just to be sure, I read the actual scientific article, and the science checks out. Even further, they listed “high-potency” pot as anything above 10 percent THC, which for Seattle is pretty average or even low. In my experience, pot shops regularly sell weed strains with up to 25 percent THC, which could exacerbate this phenomenon.

Disney just bought Fox for $71 billion: But, unfortunately, Mickey Mouse won’t be able to can Tucker Carlson’s racist ass because Fox News is being spun off as a new company, Fox Corp, that will primarily be just Fox News, Fox Business News, and a couple sports channels. All the rest of their assets, such as the channels FX and National Geographic, are going to Disney to ruin do with them as they wish. Disney is going to get Avatar, Modern Family, The Simpsons, and a controlling stake in the streaming service Hulu, so get ready for some reboots, baby!

Devin Nunes is suing Twitter: And more specifically and comically, he’s suing two parody accounts that claim to be his mother and his cow. There is now also an online movement to get “Devin Nunes’ cow” more Twitter followers than the California Republican congressman, and they’re less than 30,000 away, so feel free to lend your voice or a follow to that online campaign. The suit is unlikely to produce the $250 million Nunes is seeking in damages, but he says this is more about taking on these social-media giants that he thinks are unfair to conservative voices.

The Stranger Things Season Three Trailer is here, and I’m salivating:

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: An evening with British rock band Foals, a chance to see Christopher Chen's play Caught, and a poetry reading with GennaRose Nethercott and Sierra Nelson.