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‘Ol Devon Nunes has GOT to be on his way to jail. He keeps acting increasingly erratic and panicked.

Nunes SAYS he’s suing Twitter. But there is no case number, no evidence the suit was filed and his lawyer had his license suspended. Pretty ironic for a dude who sponsored the so called “anti-frivolous law suit” bill.


BeButter made me LOL.

Someone needs to write about Devin Nunes having sex with his mom in an outhouse if no one has already done it.


NPR is reporting on a study that sheds light on the increasingly erratic deranged behavior of the Looney Left:

headline.....Marijuana Use Linked To Psychosis.....

"Weed use is taking off as more states move to legalize it. But there are some serious health risks associated with use. One of the more troubling ones is the risk of having a psychotic episode.

"Several past studies have found that use of pot is associated with a higher risk of psychosis — that is, when someone loses touch with reality. Now a new study published Tuesday in the The Lancet Psychiatry shows that consuming pot increases the odds of having a psychotic episode."

In case you missed the punchline;

when someone loses touch with reality<<<<

Sound familiar?


BeButter is hilarious, it's my second favorite thing about the whole debacle after the Human Centipede drawing.


The only good thing about twitter is being able to tell politicians/pundits you hope they get eaten by an angry rhino then shit into a dumpster behind Chuck E. Cheese.


@4 My dude. Weed has been legal in Alaska for ever and its as red as the hat on your head.


Doesn't weed make you more mellow instead of more angry? So what explains the president losing touch with reality so frequently?


The Nunes-Twitter case could be very interesting if it actually goes to trial, as the idea on whether or not social media platforms can be held financially responsible for the contents of people's posts/tweets is kind of a legal gray area, but one that needs to be codified eventually.

Considering how Twitter takes an active role in censoring/deleting tweets, promoting tweets, handing out "verified" logos to make certain users more trustworthy, and the removing of users, it could be argued that they are actually curating their content, and can be held legally responsible for anything on their platform, from death threats to shady marketing.

It would be one hell of a paradigm shift.


Has Lancet done a study of which percentage of regular Fox news viewers have lost touch with reality?


Wow, ñyunes is so mad he is SUING HIS OWN PHONE.
That level of bizarre is right up there with the 'smash your coffee machines' movement:


In 2012 WA state passed recreational use of marijuana by approx 353 thousand votes
and approved same-sex marriage by approx 228 thousand votes.
So it wasn't just the loony left wingers voting for recreational marijuana use.


Libertarians are Republicans that smoke weed.



Do you think something like that could lead to publications like the Stranger being liable for allowing white nationalists to comment? For example, the kind of people who claim that the so-called 14 words are a natural expression of sentiments that are universally felt?


@11: What if a viewer is both a regular FNC viewer and a regular MSNBC viewer? Have they lost touch with half of their reality, or does MSNBC make up for it?


@14: In a sane world where words still meant things, the legalization of drugs for personal use would be considered a very conservative value, but you know, honk honk.


@8 @9 Neurosyphilis: megalomania, mood changes, progressive dementia, schizophrenia.

@18 The only non-bigot, non-incel people who could stand to watch Faux News are masochists, teens doing it to win bets, late-night comedians and journalists who have to do it as part of their job, and extremists who want to depict the U.S. as corrupt and evil!



“The reason Democrats have to talk about the electoral college is that it’s part of a system, some parts of which are old and some parts of which are new, that undermines democracy at every turn, whether it’s by restricting voting rights, allowing those in power to draw district lines for partisan gain, granting outsize power to small states, or allowing the super-rich to shape electoral outcomes to their liking.

Every one of those anti-democratic features of the system works to the advantage of Republicans, which is why they defend them so fiercely. Indeed, most of the power Republicans have is made possible only because of the anti-democratic features of the system.”


Here's a question related to those poor, poor conservatives being kicked off or perceptibly treated differently by social media companies. What if these social media companies have deeply held, personal beliefs, perhaps even religious-based beliefs, that make it wrong, by the morals imbued by said beliefs, to open their platforms or do business with people who are bigoted, racist or have white nationalist leanings. I am really, really hopeful that the 'religious liberty' these hate-filled conservatives so badly want comes back to bite them in their own asses as they are slowly and methodically black-balled and or shunned by the rest of us (presumably the decent ones).

This twitter lawsuit by Nunes just screams like an opportunity to show them that discrimination of any sort in the public sphere isn't tolerable, but it can go both ways. You don't want to do my taxes because I'm gay and married? I don't want you on my social media platform because you're a bigot. Easy peezy.


Nothing says "stout conservative defense of the first amendment" like demanding more government oversight of private media companies though frivolous law suits.



Hey -- I read, somewhere, if memory serves, that Devin Nunes HAS been having sex, with his mom, in an outhouse. It wasn't specifically stated IF the Nuneses were doing it Under said outhouse -- and while I breathlessly await further updates from that typically heavily-Republican location, I am not inordinately overly-optimistic.


@26 -- why, that's Exactly like the Cheney/bush Administration's tactics, in their run-up to their (STILL ONGOING) (THNXS Repubs) War on the Iraqiis! Leak your lies to the New York Times, and then go on the TeeVee networks' Sunday Talking BobbleHeads shows to confirm.



I guess the 2 news sources would cancel each other out -
But frankly, I couldn't take the resulting cognitive dissonance!


@24. Sorry dude. Not a "fact" nor does it "support your case."

The Brotherhood is only 2.5 million adherents in Egypt.
Egypt is country of 94 million people.

The Muslim Brotherhood used outright thuggery to suppress votes and gamed that election because there were bunch of other parties that couldn't get momentum while the electorate was fractured. They were also highly organized unlike the newer more populous liberal parities. It wasn't a tyranny of the majority. It was thuggery (Gee. Sounds familiar).

But. Yeah. Nothing like the tyranny of the god damned minority for "balance."


@26, you forgot "allegedly"


"NPR is reporting on a study that sheds light on the increasingly erratic deranged behavior of the Looney Left"

Buh... Buh... Buh... NPR is looney left fake news, bra. Gosh. What a conundrum.



No, I Know I read it . . . somewhere.


@3- Thanks for the Falwell v. Flynt memory. Maybe it's time to bring back the Asshole of the Month award.


I'd rather deal with a stoner than a bible-addled nitwit or opiod nutcase, which is what the midwest is filling up with. And if anyone wants to talk about "erratic behavior" please see the GOP for the last forty years, and the POTUS.

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