I suppose you're correct that anyone could apply to replace Johnson, but only people who've lived in District 4 for at least the past 120 days are eligible to take the seat.


"Alex Pedersen, a candidate running for Johnson’s seat in District 4, called on the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission to change the rules so that council members can’t accept jobs while in office."

I'd go a step further and prevent elected officials from taking jobs with organizations that they just secured a hundred million dollar deal with.


He should be tarred and feathered, and I don't mean figuratively.


This "reporting" is shit.

Johnson voted in favor of the Occidental street vacation. Nathalie's comment that "Johnson also participated in votes opposing a competing arena proposal in Sodo that, if approved, could have undercut his new employer’s business," might be true in that he PARTICIPATED in the vote, but he fucking voted IN FAVOR OF THE OTHER ARENA!


Robs a good guy and think he's been a good council member but also think it is shit that he decided not to serve out his term.


@5 Thank you, I wish to retract my previous comment (3). Also the Stranger even wrote on this.


Wow, fact check much? The arena deal was concocted before Rob got on the council. And then he voted in favor of the street vacation. Then he got a job at Key. It's not corruption, but incredible irony. He should be thanking the Port for his new career opportunity, which otherwise would have ended as a defeated CM.


In case anyone was wondering who the urbanists are slaves to, Johnson shows us who his corporate masters are. When you're a whore like this, its hard to wash the stink out.

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