Nothing gold glazed can stay.
Nothing gold glazed can stay. P_Wei/Getty Images

Sick orca seems to being doing okay: She's not "good" by any means and is equally as far off from "well." But, J17, the orca we know and love, hasn't gotten worse! In fact, she might, just might, be doing a bit better. Three months ago, scientists feared the worst for J17 who was malnourished and anti-social. For now, things are okay with the southern resident orcas, J17's pod.

Man shot to death while driving on 520 bridge: Investigators aren't sure whether this is a homicide or a suicide. According to the woman who was allegedly in the car with the man, he was fatally shot while they were heading east on the 520 bridge. A 911 call was initially placed when reports of the woman running through traffic trying to grab onto cars came in, according to KOMO news. The case is under investigation.

Jay Inslee's presidential run is gonna be pricey: Gov. Inslee needs to beef up his security detail now that he's running for president and all that. To do that, over the two campaign years (I felt myself age just typing that number), it'll cost a total of $4 million for Inslee to be sufficiently protected. Inslee has said that he won't be reimbursing the state.

Rain is on the way: Maybe it's already hit you. It's still dry in my neck of the woods.

Oregon woman crushed by log: She was sitting on some driftwood at the beach when a wave swept her up with it. She wound up underneath.

Hey, you know that viral video of the Seattle City Council last week? In case you haven't heard, there's this video going around that shows the members of city council seemingly blatantly ignoring a man speaking for public comment. That's not the whole picture. Which is unfortunate because this video has become ammunition for council critics. Anyway, new videos have surfaced of the public commenter in question. It turns out he does this kind of thing a lot. He's a familiar face to the council and he's kind of a giant pain in the ass.

Apple pulls out all the stops: Apple is trying to be your one-stop shop and go-to technology overlord for everything. It unveiled a bunch of new shit today including a fancy Apple credit card, a TV streaming service, an arcade, a news subscription service, and Oprah.

BREAKING: Mitch McConnell is a snake: Mitch, that mouth-breathing mountain of skin, blocked a resolution to release the full Mueller report. I mean, I'm not surprised by any means, but c'mon Mitch. Let us see the whole thing! The non-binding resolution made its way (unanimously, I might add) through the House only to be killed by McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader. The four-page summary of the report is definitely not enough to go off of. All we know, and what seems like will ever know, is that Mueller does not recommend any further indictments and that Trump is not exonerated. Cool. Give us more.

Meanwhile, Trump is going on the offensive: He wants to launch an investigation into his critics. Sen. Lindsay Graham wants to sniff out supposed anti-Trump biases at the F.B.I. and the Justice Department. Look at this ominous tweet!

Michael Avenatti is in some hot water: And it's not the kind that will brew Tully's coffee (RIP), though that's involved. Avenatti, famous for at-one-point being Stormy Daniels's lawyer, was arrested Monday for allegedly trying to extort $25 million from Nike. Ah, the age-old story. The plan was to hold a press conference right before the NCAA tournament kicked off and Nike reported its quarterly earnings. Avenatti allegedly threatened Nike with his ability to raise publicity and asked for $15 to $25 million and an additional $1.5 million for an Avenatti client to remain silent, according to a report. Another case charges Avenatti with "misusing a client's money to pay his debts and those of his coffee business and law firm."

Duke University pays federal government hefty settlement: In fraudulent data accusations. According to a whistleblower, Duke was fudging data on studies to get federal grant money. The university is paying $112.5 million in the settlement. The whistleblower will get $33.75 million. It's unclear if Duke will actually be liable in the fraud, the university allegedly discovered the fraud back in 2013 and fired a technician who was embezzling funds.

German family who owns Krispy Kreme has a dark, Nazi past: The Reimann family is Germany's second wealthiest family. They own brands like Krispy Kreme, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Panera Bread, and a whole lot more. Members of the family had paid a historian to look into the family's past. The historian found that several members of the family were Nazis, anti-Semites, and whose company used slave labor. The Reimann's will be donating $21.05 million to a "to a suitable organization."

If ya ain't first ya last: The dedication here! Wow!