There's a 10% chance of a drizzle, everyone stay indoors and reinforce your windows!


Of all things, a Trump/Smollett pairing...

Calgon, take me away...


Michelle Obama made a few phone calls for Jussie.
Nothing like Rich and Famous and Connected "Justice", if you can get it...."


@3: No, it was her former chief-of-staff.


@3 more tax cuts for the ubber wealthy would surely fix this justice problem we are having, Mr Righ-Wing Populist


re Smolletts - everybody agrees that something seedy is hidden behind the sealing of the records. But just who is getting protected is not so obvious.

Maybe its a double-false-flag. Wingnut media gets a TON of mileage out of this sort of thing. Its been top of the page at Breitbart without interruption for weeks. Why wouldn't somebody stage it? :P


Hahahahahahahahahah. I literally burst out laughing when I have read "well it is over 300 pages long". Yeah, I know; reading ACTUAL reports and evidence (or in this case, lack of) is what ACTUAL JOURNALISTS supposed to do. How terrible for you to ACTUALLY do you job for once, as opposed to writing ragebait articles! Lol. Funny how being a journalist works, huh? But we all know you are an activist, not a journalist, so the concept is foreign to you. But good luck looking for evidence for your dumbass conspiracy theory. It will serve the rest of us well when the election in 2020 rolls around. MAGA.



Hey dumbass: Literally NOBODY except the people who wrote the report and the current Attorney General have actually been able to read the report, because - in case you have been living in an off-the-grid survivalist bunker since this past weekend - THE FUCKING REPORT HASN'T BEEN RELEASED.


Is @7 being deliberately stupid and nutty or is that just how they are?


Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Why even bother reporting on anything else anymore?


@8, 9, 10

@7 appears to be the same far-right "404" troll, whose stupid comments litter almost all political thread here. This may answer some of your questions.


As I've been given to understand the Smollett case (there was a good interview with Illinois State's Attorney Kim Foxx on NPR yesterday afternoon), the Cook County State's Attorneys Office elected to not pursue a court case due to the fact that he voluntarily relinquished his $10,000 bond (the maximum amount mandated under Illinois law) and additionally has served some Community Service hours. Apparently, this is a fairly common practice in such situations where there is a preponderance of evidence of guilt, but when the accused has made some form of restitution prior to putting the case in front of a judge. So, in that sense Smollett was NOT exonerated, as such a "diversion remedy" would not have been made in the first place if prosecutors did not already believe they had a strong case against him, nor was doing so in any way unique to Smollett. According to the Ms. Foxx her office has referred some 5,700 case for alternative prosecution in the past two years alone. As she pointed out in the interview, the only thing unusual about this instance is all the publicity it's garnered.



I think we're all aware of who he is. But, still - calling him out on his stupidity/willful obtuseness is just something that needs to be done, so he understands he's not getting away with anything.


Tax cuts fix EVERYTHING, anonny
ask Any "conservative."

So, now it's Trumpfy vs. Jussie...

Giddily, I do not see this ending well for Mr. Secret Agent "Cadet Bone Spurs" Or- [I was gonna say orange, as in Dow Chemical's (or was it Monsatan's?) Agent Orange, which Devastated huge chunks of South East Asia with a poison designed to kill the Locals -- or was it ALL plant life, so the Locals could all starve to Death? I have trouble keeping all our antics straight, these days but I was watching Loreena McKennit,* and she's the same color of the great Impressionist in chief, so I think I'm done with that].

Plus, now Trumpfy's gonna eliminate Healthcare and Pre-Existing conditions, like being female, for instance is gonna make it you Vs. Corporate "Health"care. "Who you gonna bitch to, peon -- the mortician? You've read the the Death Panel's brief paragraph on your case. Right? You're not a Senator, are you? Now, go vote against the damn Democrats who wanna take away all your Freedoms."

Another Brillaint strategerical move by probably
thee Best Deal Maker

Hey -- why not Trumpfy vs. far far FAR right-wing Terrorism?

Why the fuck not work on a REAL Problem, Mr. Fake President?

Oh, that's right -- you Support the Terrorists.
Or, do I have that Wrong?

Please, let us know
(IF you can squeeze in the Time!]
we're dying to hear.
I like 31:00 -- irishish folk, orchestra, with electric guitar.
Plus Loreena.


@14 I agree , and I answer to him on content as well at times, but I am not sure that semi-regular users realize they are dealing with the same person, especially when another probable sock-puppet just exposed what a gasbag it is.


During our all-staff meeting, an older, white staffer stood up to announce that everyone should take their time to watch "Seattle is Dying" and learn something about "what is going on." She spoke in nostalgic, reverential tone.
I asked a black co-worker (in a wheelchair, Twofer!) afterward if he knew that show. "Dude, do not even get me started on that." was all he had to say. And he has to work with her still.



I think the two giveaways for even semi-regular users are the wacky content and the moniker.


"Boeing is finally ready to detail its software update for these planes to make the automated pitch compensation device suspected of causing these crashes more robust."

Perhaps less robust -- they couldn't wrest control away from the self-corrector Boeing installed in an attempt to correct the MAX for more its powerful engines, placed a couple feet forward of the oringinal 737's. Pilots couldn't stop the plane's "attempt to avoid a stall" by placing it a dive mode or whatever that's called.

It appears not all pilots knew how to fly the new, Improved 737 Max 8s and 9s.

It also appears Boeing put Expediency and Profits ahead of Safety.

Getting that Trust back may require Union Employees
to also have seats on Boeing's board of Directors.

Oh, and fully fund the fucking Federal Aviation Authority, already.

THIS is on Trumpy's Watch --
That makes HIM Accountable.


:). Look at all the triggered, leftie trolls coming out of woodwork!

Since you have collective comprehension skills of a 1st grader, let me elaborate on my previous statement. Make sure to read slowly and clearly; if, and when the report comes out (because we all know the Dems won't stop till it does), these "journalists" won't bother reading any of it. Work. Too hard. Facts? Who needs 'em! But nice try!

So, be sure to keep your tin-foil hats on your heads while you keep clutch harder. And we will laugh at you some more. :).


*clutching. Lol. Silly autocorrect. :)



Jesse Smollett's "community service" was selling merch at Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH scam factory.

“You let him work off ‘community service’ with a couple of days doing odd jobs at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition,” wrote John Kass, a Chicago Tribune columnist, adding that he hoped that Mr. Smollett had “sold a few Jesse Jackson action figures.”



@22 You could have just said you were an incel, taking a break from eating chicken fingers and jerking off to your anime sex pillow instead of making up an elaborate story about what a group of people might do if this report were to ever be released.


WHat a surprise! @20 is leading the anti-Smollett mob.

Whichever nutjob says "Smollett" the most won! Who is counting?


Nigerians are FAMOUS for going around in white face shouting MAGA Country in Chicago.


I don't get the hate for Macklemore. Like his music or don't. Is it something other than his music that makes people have such a strong reaction?

I also don't get your endorsement for Dave Matthews, and I say that purely based on his music. You hear one song, you've literally heard them all. And we heard them all back in the '90s.

"There’s bound to be a lot in there Barr couldn’t include in his summary." Like that whole obstructing justice bit for one, where Trump fired Comey because he thought it would stop the Russia probe. But Barr got the job precisely because he didn't believe obstruction of justice was actually a provable thing, so naturally it didn't make the summary.


@26 Hm, funny. I guess I will let my wife and a daughter know that they are strangers trespassing in their own house. :). Keep projecting, buddy.



"my wife and daughter"

So, that's what you're calling your monkey-spankers these days?


@30 Yeah, your Buddies Larry Craig and Denny Hastert also had a wife and kids. Sorry I hit a nerve. There is nothing wrong with your lifestyle, you shouldn't be ashamed to enjoy some hentai.


@32. Lol. Awww, munchkin. So sad that you crazy conspiracy nutters are not being taken seriously, and got your precious fee-fees hurt. :(. Maybe better luck in the 2024 election, little buddy. ;)


@33. :). Whatever makes not wet your crib at night, pumpkin.



You really need to let your mom check your spelling, grammar, and syntax before you hit the "Post Comment" button.


I want to apologize to SLOG for the thing I said because someone got mad. I sincerely regret the pain I caused by being right. I'm sorry


It's always seems sad to me when folks like Teehee trot out their "wives & daughters" (and it's ALWAYS wives and daughters, they never seem to have sons or husbands) because if it’s true and they do have "wives & daughters" then how awful to be chained to an asshole like Teehee, and if it's not, how bleak to be such an asshole that nobody could love you and you have to make up a family.


@20. This is far from over. Now the FBI is going to get involved. I have a feeling that the POS that Smollett is, will get what is coming to him. As well as Foxx. Hopefully, she will get her ass canned. :)


@40 "lock him up" , "lock him up"

the shrieks of the ugly mob are getting louder. Are they chanting on Fox, too?


Boeing's problems with the 737 8 Max are the direct result of an over-reliance on technology based on the assumption that professional pilots with thousands of hours of flight time are too stupid to fly the damn plane.

Just wait until we get self-driving vehicles. The bloodshed and mayhem that ensue likely will look like scenes from an apocalyptic dark comedy. As it is now, the self-braking systems on current vehicles have allowed drivers to hit more pedestrians than they did when they needed to pay attention to what's in front of them.

Why do we persist in endorsing the truly erroneous belief that technology is our friend and it makes everything better? Maybe when we're struck by an autonomous vehicle we might begin to reconsider that notion.


@13: I understand that point. But because the defendant has greater means for harm due to his noteriaty with an ability to influence use of police and other resources then the prosecution should seek just punishment.



Smollett isn't one of the Trump family - I think you grossly overestimate both his "noteriaty" (sic) AND his influence over the Chicago PD.


Greenwald and Scahill have been suggesting the Russia thing could backfire in 2020 for a while now. The idea is this. If instead of ficusing on the disastrous policies of the trump administration, and instead putting all your hopes into the Muller report- something you have no control over, which is being administered by a lifelong Republican and a member of the sane intelligence community that harassed every progressive from Eugene Debs to Martin Luther King- if that thing winds up suggesting that nothing illegal happened, That’s ammunition for Trump to smear his Democratic opponent with.

Why reignite the Cold War? Russia is a pathetic backwater these days, a third rate country whose ambition is to someday reach economic parity with Portugal. It only recently reversed a negative birth rate that had been in place since the day the USSR died. The only strength they have left are the nukes the Soviets left behind.

It is noble to encourage the anti-Putin democracy movements like The Other Russia and Yabloko. But do it because you want Russians to live free of authoritarian rule, not because you think they’re all evil puppet masters out to ruin the United States.

Trump colludes with the Israeli government, but you never hear it called collusion. AIPAC will have a bigger impact on the 2020 election than Russia. The Jerusalem embassy was a big win for them. I can assure you, they’ll put their money behind Trump in a big way in 2020. That’s the kind of collusion you should be worried about.


Boy oh boy, ole TeeHeeHee got what it came here for.


@46. If by "got what it came here for" you mean "laugh at the triggered, dumbass, tin-foil-hat-wearing lefties" then HELL YEAH :). Plenty of laughs! Keep 'em comin'!


@47: You sure you don't mean meth? Cuz you type like someone with more than a passing fancy for the meth. But I mean hey, I don't judge! Toot your tits off. :)


It's sad cultists like teehee and DiS are so triggered by reality they have to create safe spaces where they can play make believe that facts don't matter and their shitty, immoral biases are true.

And then they think we should take their asinine ideas seriously as they goosestep to the oldies or believe anything they say as we watch them worship liars.

All the best people.

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