I think Reykdal hit the nail on the head. We need sex ed now.


Communist, Luciferian central banking entities own the world's resources and we are the consumers of their resources. They have a vested interested in controlling the population volumes of their human cattle. This effort is known as neomalthusianism. They therefore engage in the financing of efforts that include the intentional contamination of food, water, medicine and air for the purpose of manipulating and controlling human cattle fertility and mortality rates. The Rockefeller family co-owns the US central bank. They have been heavily involved with the financing of human abortion and the control of birth and mortality rates in the US and worldwide for the last 100 years. They have also played a massive role in guiding US legislation around the school system in the US. Sex education in the classroom is their playground and if you feel unelected, communist, Luciferian, corrupt and immoral wealthy pigs need to have a hand in your kid's sex education then you will support this effort.

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