Palumbo and Mullet have each received campaign contributions from Washington Charters PAC, and they've both benefitted from independent expenditure committee money from Washington Charters PAC.

This is my surprised face.


Interesting how the assumption is that he accepted money from a PAC, Has is occurred to anyone that they accepted that money because they agree with the policies of the PAC?


Thanks Rich for the article! As you know Rahm Emanuel (thank god he is out of office) championed charter schools in Chicago. CPS was a mess and the charter schools were literally a cash cow for Emanuel and his constituents in Chicago. This is what makes me sad about moving back to Washington State. The nerve that neoliberal people have and the values they push for privatized learning only sets us up for failure. Charter schools are an abomination and only benefit the wealthy. It also allows them to push false education towards the youth. CPS is feeling the ramifications from this hold out and hopefully these idiot neolibs will find out how privatization and libertarian thought are ruining this country.


Palumbo and Mullet are just as fucked up as Thug Ericksen and Tim Sheldon. All four need to be ousted from the Washington State Senate. Did we finally manage to get rid of Rodney Tom?
@1 and @3: I'm just as disgusted as you are. Charter schools are a scam that only benefits the wealthy.
@2: Maybe if you cut back on caffeine and refined sugar you wouldn't be Screaming Into the Night so much.


@5: "Charter schools get better results for less money. Close all the public schools"

Not going to work. Public schools are the safety net for the screw-ups that charter schools won't take. Lets see how well charter schools will do once they have to run the gladiator schools (sports programs) on top of teaching.


@2 It's a fact that Palumbo took contributions from PACs pushing charters. You can even click on those links from the PDC and see for yourself that Palumbo took $2k from WA Charters Pac for the 2020 cycle, $2k from them for the 2016 cycle (plus $2k from Democrats for Education Reform Washington PAC, who also pushes for public financing of charter schools), and $900 from DfER in the 2012 cycle.

A fact is not an assumption. Please see your teacher after class.


@5 Shoreline has no charter schools.


“ Charter schools are an abomination and only benefit the wealthy.”

That must explain why they are so popular amongst African-Americans.


“Recent Brookings Institute summary of a new survey by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The data provide strong background for the consistent Black support for charter schools.”

Seems whitey still wants to keep the black man down.


@ 10 & 11 I looked to see some of the other posts made by "Public School Boy" and "Schoolhouse Rock." Apparently the screen names were created for the sole purpose of throwing racial shade into the comments section of this article.


@5 Doofus in Shoreline: Do you keep a poster of Betsy DeVos over your bed?
@12 oldwhiteguy: I noticed that, too. I'm glad you caught that.


@5, @10 Some people clearly want charter schools but all studies show that even though they cherry pick students, avoiding difficult or below average, they always have worse performance than the schools achieve over their entire messy, mixed, varied, normal human student body. People want to smoke and drink sugary drinks till they die, doesn't mean we should subsidize them.


Charter schools are just another free lunch. They don't do much of anything, but they don't cost much of anything in taxes so there is always a constituency to pretend they are the solution.

McCleary wasn't really about over-funding by levy, it was about under-funding by the state. Capping levies isn't actually a solution to the problem or a way to prevent future lawsuits. In fact its just another way to get lawsuits. Instead of people from red areas that don't want to fund their schools demanding the state fund them you'll get lawsuits from blue areas that do want to fund their schools demanding either the state fund or get out of the way.


Rich, are you surprised? As a Red I am fully aware of the Democrats' long history of collaborating with the Republicans against Us Reds ( even Abroad . . . to this very day! ). Pfft !!! & #ElectoralReform & .

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