Thanks for your reporting on this. I sometimes wish these craven fools would have to live in the world they'd like to create, but then I'd have to live there too.


5th District voters:
Yes on Charter schools 53%
No to reduce class sizes 55%
2015 2/3rds to raise taxes vote 55% support
2016 carbon tax 38% support
2018 carbon tax 58% no
2018 banning local soda taxes 57% support


Thank you for continuing to report on this, Rich.


5th District voters, State Representative seats, 2018:

Bill Ramos (D), 51%, Chad Magendanz (R, charter school supporter) 48%
Lisa Callan (D) 52%, Paul Graves (R, charter school supporter) 47%

These results are more recent, and represent the trend more accurately.


Thank you for the updates, Rich. I recommend we cut Mark Mullet's pay to $8.00 an hour and no bennies to see how long he lasts on slave wages.


@5: And let's do the same to Guy Palumbo, too. Eight paltry bucks an hour with no benefits. Guy and Mark would be bawling like babies like Timmy Eyesore on the very first day of slave labor. Charter schools don't work! Pay teachers what they deserve--fully sustainable wages.


My TRI pay is the difference between affording to teach and not affording to teach. That pay is the extra that my school district (Tacoma) ponies up to cover the rest of my work day beyond 6.5 hours. (Spoiler Alert: The kids are in the building for longer than 7.5 hours per day.)

The state needs to fund education. Hard Stop. But until we actually tax the millionaires and billionaires in our midst, at least let the local municipalities try to fund themselves. Morons like this don't help anyone but themselves.



no mullet on this cheerboy? Of course not, that would complete the triangle of pathos. But can't have that can we.

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