Haha, suck it Tim Eyman. Best news I've heard all day.


@1: For once, your comment isn't angry.


BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAH! Thank you, Nathalie, for making my day regarding Tim Babyface Eyesore. Adios, Timmy--pack up your watches and trench coat and exit Washington State. Feel free to take Thug Ericksen with you. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
I was once unhappily married to an Angry White Male. It wasn't pretty. Here's hoping now that we're in the 21st Century, the Angry White Males will finally get over their rage. World Peace, anyone?


Maybe if the large majority of Angry White Males stopped voting RepublikKKan, they wouldn't be so angry anymore........just a thought.


@5 Well, there are plenty of white males who are angry with neoliberal Democrats for losing their economic future and everything that follows to outsourcing and other neoliberal policies (like extreme wealth inequality). White males' angst about loss of power first rest on legitimate economic grievances even though it expresses itself in a bunch of unsavory machist ways (for which I am not making excuse)


@6 "unsavory machist and racist ways"


"fb hosts cybercriminal groups on its site"

And why not? This internet's the wild fucking West
and it's too fucking BIG to Control. So STFUA.

Perhaps not:
"General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Google and Facebook face up to $9.3B in fines on first day of new privacy law. An Austrian privacy group is wasting no time."

"Google, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been hit with privacy complaints within hours of GDPR taking effect Friday -- complaints that could carry fines of up to $9.3 billion in total.

Privacy-advocacy group said the four companies are forcing people to adopt a 'take it or leave it' approach with regard to privacy -- essentially demanding that users submit to intrusive terms of service."

They're only Too Big if we Let them be too big.
Thank you, Eli! You too, Fergie!
Put The Heat on 'em.

And maybe, perhaps, one day?, the Proper Authorities will recognize the fact that Right Wing Terrorism IS aThing and shut IT down, on fb, youtube, the streets, etc etc.


Seems rather unacademic to take superfulous attributes such an emotion, race, and gender and make it a course instead of studying what the underlying factors are that contribute to anger among demographics. Location is also missing. Angry white males in Seattle are angry for different reasons than and angry white males in Kansas.


@5 - You can't seriously be blaming Democrats for "extreme wealth inequality," can you?

Let's think about that. Reduced middle-class wages because of the demise of unions? Hmm. Which major political party spends half its time trying to make labor organizing harder? How about drastic income tax rate cuts, which benefit the investor class rather than the working class? Cuts in all manner of social safety net programs that help bring the poorest up a notch? Consistent opposition to any sort of minimum wage, that would help flatten the inequality curve?

Seeing a pattern yet? The amazing thing is that the "angry white male" is dumb enough to think that the Republicans are not working against him at every turn. But I guess as long as you can keep all the guns . . .


"Angry white males in Seattle are angry for different reasons than and angry white males in Kansas."



@5: You picked him, and he probably wasn't very angry back then. So it's not like you need the other two (race and gender) to find out what the issues really are. And more often than not, it isn't worth staying around to figure out, from my own experience.


@11 - Interesting. Care to elaborate?


@10 -- Bingo.

"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket.

Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." --President Lyndon Baines Johnson


@10 Not Democrats, I only pointed at neoliberal Democrats, in control of the party since Carter, who own austerity, deregulation, outsourcing and privatization as much as Republicans do and to this day largely keep voting with the GOP on these issues.


So Dolezal claims she's black and then becomes a welfare queen?


You are wrong to blame Carter and Clinton for moving the Democratic Party to the right. What moved the Democratic Party to the right are massive electoral losses in 1972, 1980, 1984, and 1988.


@10 Bill Clinton is almost as much to blame for our broken economic system as Reagan and the Bushes.Especially as he was part of the right-wing of the Democratic Party that convinced so many in the then Center that the only way the Democrats could survive the "Great Conservative Awakening" was by moving right.


That's my teddy bear and he's drunk. This happens all the time. It's a little embarrassing, but i stay with him because he's good in bed. That may sound surprising, but the crazier they are, the better the fuck, usually.

This is the only reason why Dolezal and Eyman ever get laid at all. At least, I assume Tim Eyman gets laid. Nobody has come forth to admit to having sex with him. Which is understandable. Would you want to remembered as that guy that slipped his penis into Tium Eyman's office chair flattened ass? Perhaps I am being too judgmental. We should hold a referendum. Vote yes if you'd actually, even in a moment of sheer desperation where there was literally nobody else to have sex with, fuck Tim Eyman. Vote no if you have any sense of dignity.

The fact that we have to ask this question accounts for why that course is being taught at the UK. You've heard of incels. Brexit has led to Brincels, guys who supported UKIP and can now never get laid again. Except by Tim Eyman. He's so hard up for cash these days, he's selling his ass to anyone willing to hold a referendum. Except that nobody, not even the Brincels, wants to fuck Tim Eyman.

My teddy bear is an unconcious drunk. Right now, Tim Eyman is blowing him in a park, because the teddy bear is passed out on a bench and has no idea what's happening. Rachel Dolezal is waiting for him to finish so she can get on my teddy bear's dick next.


@20 - Considering that NRA membership levels have plummeted recently, such narratives are slipping into folklore.



Gender identity disorders are incredibly well documented, researched and recognized by both the American Medical and American Psychiatric Associations as legitimate conditions. Racial identity disorders are none of these things. There's your distinction you stupid, stupid fuck.


@24 - Kip's retorts are obviously not scientific based but are from our culture. If you look through the hyperbole are read between the lines, it's quite illustrative.


It's illustrative of angry white male stupid stupid fuckery.



Please cast a love spell, which will prevent all Republicans from ever getting laid again.

Overpopulation is a problem. The Earth is already beyond its carrying capacity. To survive, we must reduce the number of humans. As removing the existing humans is morally objectionable, the only other option is to reduce the number of new humans being added.

Since Republicans are more likely to damage the environment, increase gun violence and destroy social programs that make life easier for the majority of humans, it is necessary to reduce their numbers first.

Merely sterilizing Republicans is inadequate, as they would still get laid. Not only is this thought disgusting, it also doesn’t serve to discourage conservativism as much as no nookie would. If we want to get rid of the Log Cabin Republicans, for example, depriving them of orgasms is the best possible way.

The Millenials are very anti-sex, so this may or may not affect Millenial conservatives. They’re not getting laid, maybe because even the thought of a Joe Biden hug is triggering for them. Nobody gets laid in a safe space, apparently. However, it will affect every other generation thereof.

Besides, it will if nothing else get people to stop chanting “Fuck Trump” at rallies, as nobody will ever fuck Trump again. Plus, no new Trump spawn. That in itself is worthwhile.

Tiny hands can’t reach his cock, anyway.


@28: True, overpopulation is a problem in some parts of the world; however, low fertility rates are an issue for some countries.



Amidst the GOP, it can never be low enough, Phoebe.


"Enlightened' societies? Who, us?

Who called America enligthened?
We've got a govmnt 2/3 full of repressive regressives
taking America back to about 1859, or so back
where women don't vote and you can own someone
because of his pigment and most everyone knew their proper Place.

Where Money is Free Speech
and Monopolies and multi-Billionaires are Kings
unbeholden to any stupid "Citizenry."

And the Citizenry's beholden to The Church.*

*see also abortion
where women do NOT own their own Bodies.
But the Patriarchy fucking DOES own their bodies...

THAT seems weird, to me.
Who owns YOUR body?


@28 Keep grinding your axe.


@32 And yet immigrants keeping flocking to the US from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Meanwhile Europe, from which I fled, staggers along with low growth and high unemployment.

The USA must be doing something right.


"And yet immigrants keeping flocking to the US from Asia, Africa and Latin America."

By Gawd, ain't THAT the truth!
Although, it has nothing at all to do with my comment.

But, you are correct -- Refugees DO so love to flock here -- 'specially after we over-turn their democratically-Elected Govmnts and turn them into shit-hole countries where gangs rule the Streets and Journalists are assassinated with impunity. Why wouldn't they come here?

They can be vastly Safer here then in their now-shit-hole countries.
Which WE will choose to do with as we. see. fit.

And people worry about Russian interference....


@34. I would be careful taking anything Kristofarian writes seriously. :) He is a conspiracy theorist with a writing style of a rambling homeless bum who just slammed meth. Just a fair warning.

With that said, you comment rings true for me as well. I immigrated here from Europe myself, and it is pretty fucking insane over there right now.


Angry white male my ass. In the US at present, everybody's a rage-aholic regardless of age, race, gender identification, political leanings, ethnicity, or socio/economic class.

Although from my direct experience, nobody seems more rage filled than White Millennial women. I suspect Mom and Dad didn't adequately prepare most of them for the inevitable vicissitudes they would have to face in the real world where everybody's ordinary and average, except for a very small (almost infinitesimal) handful of people.


Oh, and not just Political Refugees --
I know you lads don't believe in Catasrophic Climate Change
or that we should waste even a Penny on mitigating it
but, speaking of Refugees:

More "Fake News" from the New Yorker:

"How Climate Change Is Fuelling the U.S. Border Crisis:"
"In the western highlands of Guatemala,
the question is no longer whether
someone will leave but when."

"In February, citing a 'national-security crisis on our southern border' Donald Trump declared a state of emergency, a measure that even members of Congress from his own party rejected. Three months earlier, with much less fanfare, thirteen federal agencies issued a landmark report about the damage wrought by climate change.

In a sixteen-hundred-page analysis, government scientists described wildfires in California, the collapse of infrastructure in the South, crop shortages in the Midwest, and catastrophic flooding. The President publicly dismissed the findings. 'As to whether or not it’s man-made and whether or not the effects that you’re talking about are there, I don’t see it,' he said."

Of fucking course he didn't see it. He's a dunderheaded Idiot.

"There was a deeper layer of denial in this, since overlooking these effects meant turning a blind eye to one of the major forces driving migration to the border."

Yonder come the Hordes!
Better Buy MORE Guns!
(Sorry 'bout your butt stocks!)


@34 & 36

When you fled the Unspeakable hellhole known as Europe, which red state did you flee to for safety?

Perhaps Utah?


@39: I suggest taking folks their word rather than trying to twist it into a projected narrative.


I thought most Republicans were too old to reproduce!



Meghan McCain is in menopause already?



The one with no state income tax ; )



I’d rather grind my ass, but not with you



There is no state income tax in Alaska, in fact they pay you to live there.


@46 Shitty skiing, short motorcycle season and no direct flights to Puerto Vallarta.

Mind you, I'll fly up there for fishing trips out of Homer at the drop of a hat.

You paying?

Of course not.


@46 Had to Google.

You get $2,072 each in Alaska.

You can knock yourself out since you like welfare so much, but it wouldn't even pay for a condo in Vail for a week.


@48: A rather helpful amount nevertheless. Kind of like a tax return.




@35 Most of the immigrants from Asia and Africa are highly educated. Africans in particular are the best educated immigrants coming to the US. I welcome them.

What wars are Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Thais, Vietnamese, Ghanians and Nigerians with college degrees fleeing from today exactly?

And why are new African immigrants doing so well in the US if the US is so racist?

If America is such a shit-hole, as you people think, why would they leave Africa?


@49 Hardly enough to move to Alaska when taxes are quite reasonable here in Washington state and they will never pass an income tax.


@52: Nobody would move to Alaska soley for that. You also need to love Jack London.


I do love hunting, and Homer had some excellent quail shooting. I'll grab a Jack London next time I head up. Had a wonderful Spring break this year with friends in Coral Gables reading Carl Hiaasen. Reading is like wine, goes better with terroir.


"If America is such a shit-hole, as you people think"

you people think this is a shit hole?

Wait'll the Kocks and Addledsons a bitches and Murdochs and Trumpfys get done with her. You'll soon see a REAL ShitHole, with the teesie weensieist little group sitting Elevated at the top. And surrounded by razor wire to keep "the bottom" 325,000,000* away.

Gawd Bless America.

*Damn. That sounds like A LOT.


@10 dvs99: You're actually addressing @6 & @7 anon1256 rather than responding to my comment (@5), aren't you? I otherwise agree with what you're saying. I know of a lot of Angry White Males (not all) who are racist, actually believe that the RepubliKKKan Party of 1% has their best interests at heart (and most often the GOP does not), remaining stubbornly convinced that war stimulates the economy and unregulated fossil fuel gluttony, Big Med, Big Ag, charter schools, and "Too Big To Fail" is good policy.
@12: Actually, Phoebe, he was a violent sociopath from a really messed up family of abusers and enablers who was adept at isolating his victims. He basically picked me after his previous fiancee / victim had introduced us to get his attention away from her----and he was plenty angry back then! After nine years too long of thinking I knew him I finally fled for my dear life, grateful to not have ever had children with such a monster. Getting a divorce was my only smart move. We went our separate ways and I have moved on. He is in his third marriage and blessedly living in another state.
@17 Davell: Thank you. Well said, agreed, and seconded.
@18 Greenwood Bob: When the Clintons and Gores were in the Oval Office, we had an economic surplus. Not true when Reagan / Bush Sr., Bush Sr. / Quayle, Dubya Bush / Cheney, or Trumpty Dumpty / Dencey Pencey have occupied the White House. Being currently $1 trillion in debt is nothing to be proud of.
@55 kristofarian: Trumpty Dumpty is a bottomless shithole that should be removed from the White House in an industrial sized garbage bag.


@19 & @31: Your irrelevant rambling suggests that you are as woefully ignorant as you are angry. Ever venture outside for fresh air?
@22: Are you sure you're not really Seeing Stars? Get help.
@27 GermanSausage wins the thread! Congrats!


@auntie - thank you - glad you got away from him - a force to be reckoned with from the start. My experiences built up over time before things got bad.



Parts of America are indeed shitholes. East Saint Louis. Buffalo. Gary. Baltimore. Appalachia. Butte. Denver. Whiting, Indiana. Flint, Michigan. Cairo, Illinois.

Have you ever seen the coal miners spit blood when they show up at the clinic? Dead at age 26 of silicosis.COPD, even though they've never smoked. They're on home oxygen, at age 30. If they make it that long.

US Steel closed 70% of its plants over a single night. That threw 35,000 previously employed wage earners onto the unemployment rolls all at the same time. And when the dole ran out, they had to turn to other means to survive. Gary used to be a tourist destination. Now, Dante and Virgil are the only ones who go there for sightseeing.

Shitholes, indeed. Vast swathes of land, a rotting corpse of a country stretched out over what used to be the economic engine that kept it alive. Small farmers forced out by large corporate farms. They get bought out, and after the money runs dry, wind uo working in the same fields their family used to own.

Used to.

Wanna see a shithole county? Let's go to the Rez. Not the ones with the casinos out West, the ones in South Dakota where the per capita income is the lowest in the United States. Let's visit Lakota women who get raped by white guys the Tribal Police don't have the legal power to arrest. They have to call the FBI, ho will take weeks to respond. Or the local sheriffs, who won't do a anything to help.

Years ago, Baltimore put these cameras about 30 feet off the ground and attached to the sides of buildings in the parts of town where the murder rates were the highest. They had a little blue light next to them, just bright enough to illuminate the street corners those cameras were supposed to monitor. The City ran out of money, and stopped using the cameras, but they left the blue lights on. To this day, if you see a blue light on the wall overhead, it means get out of this part of town.

Baltimore has Blue Lights to illuminate the streets next to row houses long abandoned, filled with rats, used by junkies to shoot heroin, smoke crack. Places the cops never go. Weirdly beautiful old buildings, older than the country itself, an urban hellscape right out of Lovecraft.

Yeah, I've been to a shithole country. And this is it.



I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.



Thanks for the Reminder. Also, one needn't look any further than Chris Heges' and Joe Sacco's (both former War correspondents) brilliant, illustrated 'Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt,' highlighting America's 'Sacrifice Zones' -- places like . . . here, let's let the NYT describe it:

"This book is a collaboration between Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco, showing us daily life in four centers of 21st-century American poverty. Hedges’ contribution — a combination of reportage and commentary — is in a long tradition of literary journalism. Sacco’s is the sort of graphic art popularized by Art Spiegelman in 'Maus.' Both writers have decades of experience as correspondents in war zones, but in 'Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt' they turn their attention to the bombed-out and collapsed areas of their own country.

Anyone who grew up near a postindustrial area — who has seen a middle-class town become a pocket of destitution — will not find any one chapter in this book too shocking. What is shocking is the degree to which this depth of poverty is found everywhere, from rural Indian reservations to near-slave conditions in Florida tomato fields.

These are not pleasant stories. They are the very sort of thing we all prefer to forget so that we can focus on our daily lives, and this makes it all the more important that they are recorded."

Whatchya think, Ex Pat?
IS America GREAT,* or what?

*for those with many, many Means


61 was for 59, 51, 52, 54


@61: America is great. However, opinions may vary. You're free to pout, ruminate, and complain as to how much you hate the country you're living in. You have no convincing capabilities in this regard and you just have to accept that.


She puts the lie in Nathalie, she does.


@17 You seem to be putting the cart before the horse. The Democratic party establishment was already moving to the right before these electoral defeats (and then they voted for Nixon in 1972). I'd say these defeats were largely the result of the failure to present a viable alternative to neoliberalism (deregulation, privatization, outsourcing) because they promoted these policies themselves.


@63 And the best way to spot people who think America a great (as opposed to those would think we need to make it great again) is by looking at the smiles on our faces.

Being perpetually aggrieved and angry really isn’t very flattering.


@66 do you have to shit yourself in public every day? racist fuck.


@56 Well over half of older white males fall for GOP propaganda and it'll be very difficult to overcome as long as Democrats do not address our returning to century old inequality levels.

You'll note that the tone of the Democrat campaign about the economy and systemic inequality has changed a lot since Clinton 2016 even though this is still pretty much Obama's economy. Clinton ran a bank-friendly campaign in line with her record and she lost (unfairly, but we already knew we were dealing with Republicans who care only about winning). At some point you are going to have to reckon with how 3rd-way Democrats participated to the disappearing of the American middle class and endless war.


McGovern 2020!

Because we like a good ass whoopin’


@70: If you substituted "identify as conservative or republican" instead of "fall for GOP propaganda" as you would expect the same deference for "identify as progressive or democrat" instead of "fall for leftist propaganda" you might start gaining traction in your arguments.



She was elected mayor, not pastor.

If you don't understand how people can make these kinds of decisions just ask one of your Evangelical friends how they were able to vote for trump.


"You're free to pout, ruminate, and complain as to
how much you hate the country you're living in."

Fuck you, Rainy.
YOU do not tell me I don't Love this country.
Fuck the Fuck off.

Critique does NOT equal Hate.

But I'm beginning to see how you engender so much of it.


@75: Well good then, you love America. Thanks for clarifying.


"At some point you are going to have to reckon with how 3rd-way Democrats participated to the disappearing of the American middle class and endless war."

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have a pretty good eye on Wall Street.

A Transaction Tax on speculation could probably pay for Day Care for all.
So Parents could fucking WORK and not spend the bulk of one income on fucking Child fucking Care. I'd call that a Fair fucking Trade. If it's pragmatic.

And I'd LOVE to see an Elizabeth Warren, unbridled and unchained, bring back the Consumer Protection Bureau, for Starters, and make We the people -- US -- equal to THEM. Corporations ARE People, too, Friendo. With waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more Free Speech than WE have so they get to OWN "our" lawmakers.



Gold Star!
was for anon


@74 -- Gold Star!
@77 was for anon


Quail hunting in Alaska? You god damned stupid fraud. You are such a stupid fake. Is this like that other dipshit who lied for years about having a home in Italy? God. Your lies are so stupidly transparent.

I’ve been hunting and fishing in Mountain West and Alaska since I was 14 years old. We even have a place in Dillingham.

Ok. There are grouse, ptarmigan and even chukar somewhat plentiful in Alaska. Sometimes pheasants - that are usually fed or in reserves.

There are probably a few quail where it’s warmer. But i’ve literally never heard of anyone hunting specifically quail in the peninsula. Ground nesting birds on the Kenai? I mean, I’m sure there’s some. But quail? Maybe.

But. What dumb fuck would go all the way up there to hunt fucking birds when there are literally a thousand better, cheaper, more hospitable places to go hunt birds in the lower 48. Upland bird hunting isn’t all that popular up there.


Merely a transparent brag meant to fool / enrage the rubes, Professor. I spent a "night" at a lakefront cabin about 50 miles east-ish, I think, of Fairbanks in early March and went for a short walk. There were quite a few homes, fairly close together but in a soft spot there was what looked like a large cow print -- then I realized it was a moose print, and that I had no equalizer, handy, and so ended my short little stroll...

Man, what a place to Hunt! Or fucking Fish.
Mother fucking Nature Is EVERYWHERE.


No, not March --
Cinco de Mayo


@58 Phoebe in Wallingford: I was certainly a lot more naive in my mid 20s. In my mid 50s I am now wiser for the wear.
@60: Please get help.
@70 anon1256; See kristofarian's comment @77.
@77 kristofarian: Gold Star! Bravo!


Ha! If it is the nut who claimed to have a villa in Italy it's hilarious how they've been reduced to creating all those sock puppet accounts.


@80 - Good to know there are probably some pleasant mother pheasant pluckers in Alaska.


@75 kristofarian: I keep warning sugarlips (@63) about his triglyceride levels, but he never listens.


If a human were to demand that you love it, or in the absence of that sentiment, suffer abuse, we would rightly describe that person as a psychopath.

However, we do not apply the same standard when it comes to America. We insist that you love America, and in the absence of that sentiment, suffer abuse.

America is a wife-beater.

I don't love nation-states. I don't love governments. I don't love borders. I don't love flags.

To express a sentiment such as love for an abstract concept, such as those listed above, makes about as much sense as a Chuck Tingle novel.

Patriotism is bullshit.


@83 I agree with Kritofarian. I was rushed when commenting yesterday although I meant to add that Sanders and Warren at least understood the need to address inequality head on. Other Democrat candidates may as well but it's hard to tell what is solely campaign rhetoric

On a different note, sick puppy troll appears to have 19 comments out of 89 in this section so far.


So maybe 30 or 40% of the comments here are either the sick puppy troll or someone responding to this puppy for all, the including this comments. Slog removes hyperlinks, but leaves up comments from deleted accounts. Way to go, slog.


@72 as if arguments were going to convince you of anything after al that has gone on (wars, financial crash, skyrocketing inequality, etc) and your continued embrace of the toxic Republican brand. You still watch Fox, after all these years of being shown how much they use hate and fear to divide us while promoting the agenda for the 1%. I am afraid that at this point of your life, only strong life experiences can convince you that you world view needs to change.


A big bear in Cal Anderson Park, big deal. I regularly see bears in the park and in the surrounding areas.


@92: It really is quite sad that your rage prevents you from being able reach a receptive audience for your otherwise interesting and compelling arguments.


@92: Pete Buttigieg did an amazing interview on Fox News Sunday recently. Sorry you missed it.



This is the internet; taking anyone you don't know personally "at their word" is, at-best, woefully naive, and at-worst incredibly stupid.


Beer is so last year.

It's all about alcopops, old writer guys.

Wake up and smell the future, soaked in the smoke of vaping and forest fires created by your inaction.



"It really is quite sad that your [anaon1256's] rage prevents you from being able reach a receptive audience for your otherwise interesting and compelling arguments."

Again -- FUCK Off, Rainy.

Anon, don't listen to this cunt.

I appreciate your posts.
Keep 'em coming.


@98: Now you're being impertinent, which is simply childish.

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