Thanks for the profile, Rich.


@4, well I think we can assume yoga pants don't factor into the definition.


I heard somewhere that yoga pants make you big gay.


How can you say Emily Randall is the only queer member of the Senate, and in the very same paragraph, say Claire Wilson is a lesbian? Are lesbians no longer queer?


And Jamie Pedersen says hello.


Joe is a rising star, and he should primary Adam Smith next year. He would get a free pass at it, and taking Adam down before redistricting would do everyone a big favor. He could pull it off.

Of course, he doesn't live in the district, but that didn't stop Adam's colleague Congresswoman Jayapal who he so happily supported!


I'm honored that Sen Nguyen represents me. Keep fighting, Joe. And thanks for the story, Rich.


@5- that's quite the wish-list for a husband you've got there.


"Joe Nguyen Is an AOC of the Washington Senate". Soooooo he is an alt-left dumb fuck with a socialist streak who doesn't know how economy works? Does he believe in farting cows and that the world is going to end in 12 years as well, or...? Just curious.


Also, if Nguyen, like Cortez, wants to pay lazy fucks in Freeattle who are "unwilling to work", then our economy might be in trouble. Just sayin'.


@9: Apparently you are unaware that Adam Smith and Joe Nguyen are good friends, and that although Adam didn't endorse Joe publicly, he encouraged him to run and gave him plenty of behind the scenes help -- just as Adam has endorsed and helped at least a dozen or so candidates of color who have run in downticket races, in the 9th CD and beyond..


Feels like the AOC award should go to a woman...


As someone with a Vietnamese heritage I wonder if he knows that Dan Evan, a Republican governor, reached out and welcomed thousands of Vietnamese refugees to WA State when his counterpart in CA, Democrat Governor Jerry Brown, denied them refuge. Brown’s reason at the time was there were already too many unemployed Hispanics in CA. Just wondering if he knows his State history.


GREAT Article, Rich!
On a GREAT (brand new!) legislator!

So, there IS Hope.
Small wonder TeeHeeHee is so pissed....



Thank you, Rich, for another well-written article.
Senator Joe Nguyen, keep up the good fight for the Dems! Could you please see about removing Thug Ericksen---R, Ferndale, from the Washington State Senate---preferably via industrial-sized garbage bag?
@5 GermanSausage and @11 blip: You're both right.
@13 & @14: Your MAGA hat must be squeezing your wee little head a little too tightly. Stop if it starts to hurt.
@16: Down, muffy, down. And get your shots, already.
@17 irongal: Agreed and seconded.
@19 kristofarian: TeeHeeHee keeps mistaking BigMacs for nourishing food. The industrial waste has gone to his head.


Jesus dude, nut up. You've got a great start. Quit screaming "racist" when people can't pronounce your name. You risk ruining your good work


@21 Well, they were being racist. It wasn't because they couldn't say "win," it's because they took the time to make asinine statements that betrayed their vapid lack of culture and character so as to uphold this ethnocentric mis-characterization of his name as a joke. And if he can't call out a bunch of douchebags pandering to backwoods yokels then he shouldn't be in politics.


@18 as someone with Vietnamese heritage, you only speak for yourself and pick and choose what you want others to believe about everyone with Vietnamese heritage.


@23 I agree they were likely being douchebags, as you say. But not every douchey move is racist. That word is so mis-used these days (yes I'm looking at you Beto.) It was a tone-deaf move done in the context of a congratulatory roast after he passed his first bill. Calling it "exhausting" and having that be the national story on Nguyen's accomplishments really misses an opportunity. Sometimes assholes are just assholes. Everybody has to put up with assholes. This makes me worried that if his skin is so thin that he can't handle "a bunch of douchebags pandering to backwoods yokels" in a light-hearted roast, then he shouldn't be in politics. As you say.


@21 Fair and well-reasoned. My commentary was intentionally offensive to stress the irony of such commentary as borderline racist versus just being an asshole, which I suppose exists as a stand-alone watered down monolith absent any context.

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