TurdoTax™ doesn't want YOU messing with their Profits, ever. That's why they buy all them Lobbyists -- to make sure you do NOT.

Just like "Health" "Care" Corps -- stay the fuck AWAY for our Proftiteering, Motherfuckers! That Skim is OURS!

AND Big Phuckinig Pharma, not allowing Medicare to pay Bulk Lot Prices -- it's not about YOU (and Yours, and their [hopeful!] Survival) -- it's all about THEM, making their mass Killings off us, the Citizenry -- oops, did I sat Citizens? Silly me -- obviously, I meant Consumers (and you commodity-types)(and the collaterally damaged).

It's Mourning in America, peasants.
YOU do NOT matter.
Get fucking Used to it.


It is really, truly, genuinely not that hard to sit down with some scratch paper, a printed copy of a 1040 and a calculator, and just do your taxes (unless you are uberweathy and attempting to dodge them which case you can pay for an actual tax accountant..). Yes the instructions can appear to be mindmelting, but the trick is not to overthink it, take the IRS at their literal word for every step, and you'll do O.K. Bonus points if you go back and fill in the numbers on a PDF copy to send in or fill in online. No need to pay turbotax a dime, taxes for the vast majority of us are really just not that complicated (which is why they should just be bloody automatic like in other places)


Are the murder statistics for King County or "the city", which presumably means just Seattle?


First national poll that shows Bernie in the lead:

Sanders 29%
Biden 24
Buttigieg 9


@1 - Your comments are engaging, but the roller-coaster punctuation is making me dizzy.


@2 [the 1st] -- "No need to pay turbotax a dime, taxes for the vast majority of us are really just not that complicated (which is why they should just be bloody automatic like in other places)"

Precisely. And yet Turd-O-Tax DEMANDS the IRS NOT simplify/make it Easier for the Citizenry. And, since they're more than willing to purchase all the Lawmakers they'll ever need, whateverthefuck THEY, et al, say goes.


The IRS has contact info for free help and answering questions when you do your taxes. They used to even have volunteers do your taxes for you for free (not sure if that still exists though... try googling it). It's in their own best interest that as many tax returns get filed correctly as possible.

It's a tad late to try for that now, they're going to be swamped today (one third of tax filers wait until the last day to file), but think about this next year.

Fuck turbotax, h&r block, and all capitalist slime who try to profit off something we're all required to do and lobby against making that something easy and free. Fuck them all.


A good tip to those who do not know how to do taxes but want to try:

Fill out your info on Turbotax or whatever, until it gives you what your refund should be. Then quit the program without paying them, and do your own taxes. Since you now have a number from TurboTax, you have an idea about what your refund/payment should be.

After that is is just following directions and using a calculator.

That being said, federal tax is really easy, typically it is the state taxes that are a pain in the ass.


"Murders on the Rise" AKA The Ferguson Effect


Too funny, president bone spurs thinks he knows about branding in aerospace. He once purchased an airline, rebranded it Trump Airlines, defaulted less than two years later and turned the whole thing over to his creditors.


All of this talk about taxes and tax forms is Greek to the Moocher Class 50% that doesn't pay income taxes (but keep voting for more 'free' stuff...)


Yes, the IRS has on-site volunteer tax help.
Go to website - VITA is the program (volunteers in tax assistance).
However, it is geared more towards weekend hours during filing season, when volunteers have spare time away from work.


@9 -- that's where the epitaph 'Trumpf U' originated --
whatever he touches, he Royally fucks up.
And now, he be "Prez."

My apologies for your dizzinesses, Pheebes.
Caveat Lector!



United Way still offers free help with filling out returns through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, but yes, you need to contact them early in the season, as there are usually a limited number of slots available. Also, the IRS does offer online "free file" options: a (currently) Turbo-Tax like system for those with AGI's under $66K, and fillable forms for those with AGI's above that. In addition, tax software companies are required by law to provide free online versions to those who meet the AGI requirements:

And while the IRS does a generally good job of trying to keep forms simple and easy to fill out, the reality is that many people have tax situations that don't always fall neatly into the "fill-it, send it, done" category @2A above describes. Even with the simplified 1040 this year, there are a couple of additional NEW forms people aren't going to be familiar with, and of course almost everyone I know is getting some degree of sticker shock when they discover they're not getting the amount of refund they're used to - or expect. And frankly, the real problem is that there are so many little things that can cause a return to be rejected: a check-box here, a sub-entry there, a transposed number elsewhere; that it almost requires the average person (who is not an accountant, and only does this level of numeric entry literally once a year) to go to a tax professional, just to make sure none of these myriad of seemingly picayune inputs is missed.


8, 10(a)

Wynnie, I'm certain you'll likely be Quite Surprised to hear it,
but The Moocher Class is actually the Point Oh-Oh One Percenters Club.

And they're very very Good at transferring Wealth

They've even got You, happily lending them a Helping Hand.


@9, like the man himself says, what the hell does he know?



By "moocher class" do you mean big corporations like Amazon that got huge tax returns this year's thanks to the trump tax cuts?

"The companies reportedly paying $0 in federal income taxes for 2018 include Amazon, Netflix, IBM, Halliburton, Chevron, Deere, Delta Air Lines, General Motors, Honeywell, Prudential Financial, and Whirlpool. What’s more, nearly all of the companies in the report are receiving money back from the government, and it adds up to an insane net payout of $4.3 billion."

If the GOP are willing to put this country deeper in debt by giving profitable companies billions in tax breaks then they don't get to call any American citizens "Moochers".


@2: You don't have to be uberwealthy to have complicated taxes. If you're a homeowner, independent contractor, have investments, etc. - it becomes necessary for a CPA unless you you're a real do-it-yourselfer in that regard.


We're pretty sure we didn't stutter;
the Moocher Class ie. the 50% that doesn't pay income taxes but keep voting for more 'free' stuff.


I have zero sympathy for 1) people who procrastinate so long to do their taxes 2) people who are fools enough to pay a company(like turbotax) $50 to do your taxes for you.

Try getting woke to being a fool and separated from your money.

The complexity of the most common individual tax return is equivalent to 9th grade math.



Bernie beat Hillary in Michigan.


@17 (.)

So in your world Amazon getting a tax refund is okay, but hard-working Americans who are barely scraping by should have to pay taxes. Is that about right?
The GOP doesn't get to complain about "Moochers" when they hand out free money to profitable corporations, especially profitable corporations who toured the country looking for tax breaks and handouts.

You guys don't get to talk about class Warfare anymore either. You guys have been involved in class Warfare for at least 40 years.


Moocher class? That's not a very nice way to refer to the red states, Wynn dear. Leave that sort of insult to me.


19 " You obviously haven't studied the swing voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, et. al. that handed the electoral college to Trump."
I am sure you would lead anyone credulous others to believe you yourself actually have done so? Keyboard thwacking does not count as 'study'.



The "If you repeatedly shit on the police for risking their lives to protect you from the scum they eventually get the message" effect



I am well aware.
As a for instance, one of Trump's tax returns shows a loss of over nine hundred million dollars. Those losses were carried over four years in order to reduce or eliminate his tax burden.
The issue is, in this particular case, that being a bad business person can make you money.
If a working class American buys a used car and the transmission drops out of it 2 miles down the road from the dealership, they don't get the option to claim that as a loss. They have to eat that cost.

The tax system is rigged in favor of the wealthy. It's just that simple.

"In fact, Amazon is actually getting a federal tax refund of $129 million this year, due in part to a combination of tax credits and deductions. This is despite the fact that Amazon nearly doubled its taxable income in 2018 to $11.2 billion, from $5.6 billion a year earlier.
In other words, Amazon is basically paying a -1 percent federal income tax rate this year after reportedly paying a federal rate of more than 11 percent between 2011 and 2016, according to The Week."



For years, not four years.



Just to be clear, Amazon's huge tax refund is in no way due to losses in previous years.

"Amazon Didn't Pay Any Federal Income Taxes in 2017. A new report says Amazon paid zero dollars despite making $5.6 billion in profits last year, and will be getting a $789 million tax cut thanks to the Trump administration's new law in 2018."


we just call them like we see them;
anyone paying no income taxes is a mooching freeloader,
and this country is full of them,
most of them squealing for the government to give them more.


You malcontents whine about the "rich" but the The top 0.1% (zero point one percent) pay 40% and, not only do half pay NOTHING but the bottom 20% have negative tax rates. That is, they get more money back from the government in the form of refundable tax credits than they pay in taxes.
Moocher Thieves.


"anyone paying no income taxes is a mooching freeloader"

HAHAHA! Donald Trump paid no income tax for almost 18 years.


Who could ever possibly lose an election to a mooching freeloader?


Your desperate attempts at a lame Whataboutism it to change the subject aside, It's refreshing that you admit Trump is a mooching freeloader, at least.



By your reasoning Amazon is a mooching freeloading Corporation.
For once we seem to be in total agreement.

Why are you so concerned with what the poor pay in income taxes?

I would also like to point out that any extremely wealthy Americans, those in the 0.1% (as you put it), are only paying 40% if they have really bad accountants.

Amazon made over 11 billion dollars this year, and they're getting a tax refund, and you are complaining about poor people not paying taxes.

Either you're stupid or crazy or both.


@37 No. He's clearly in favor of raising the marginal tax rate and making sure all these billionaire free loaders pay their fair share.

You know. Like back when America Was Great Again: when the marginal tax rate for people earning more than $300,000 was over 70%. MAGA! Raise taxes on the wealthy!


Amazon is worse that WalMart;
Leftists love to trash WalMart (which merely displays their snobbish bigotry toward the class of people that shop at WalMart) but are only beginning to recognize that their darling Amazon is a much more exploitive slave shop that is gutting not just the town square but the entire economy. Go ahead, enjoy the fruits of TwentyFirst century slave labor, delivered Next Day...


It calls to mind the Chinese Proverb;
in the land of Rapist/Rape Enablering/Intern Abusing/Russia Uranium Merchants/Buying Russian Phoney opposition "Research" Collusion/ Corrupt intellegence Spooks trying to Thwart Election/Establishment Whore Crooks
the Mooching Pussy Grabber is King.
And sadly, the Democraps seem unable to do any better in 2020....



I've never ordered anything from Amazon.
I do buy things from Walmart, because at least they hire people who live in my community.


He may not be able to stay on topic for more than ten seconds, but he's really good at cramming as many irrelevant Whataboutisms in one poorly constructed sentence as possible. So, he's got that going for him.


@16 I'm sympathetic that it can be complex but it's still not impossible. But, I'm also not saying not to pay a CPA, but to my mind that's different than TurboTax, which was the original post. If you can do your taxes via TurboTax you can probably just do the forms yourself.


btw, the best thing I ever learned in tax class: "PIG's to the extent of PAL's."



Thing is, when the average taxpayer (which BTW Wynn, includes literally EVERY SINGLE PERSON who works as an employee, and many who work as Independent Contractors - there being a HUGE difference between paying taxes and receiving a refund on excess taxes already paid, which I'll bet good money you already know) uses tax software they never see the actual forms until they print them out at the end of the process. Tax software companies understand they can't just set a (virtual) stack of paper in front of someone and expect them to constantly navigate back-and-forth through multiple forms and worksheets to find the one number you need to enter on a line; that's why they've structured their software in the form of a "question-and-answer" format, that, when the numbers are entered automatically populate throughout all the forms and worksheets behind the scenes. That's very different from sitting at your kitchen table with the actual physical paperwork, which, depending on your circumstances, can number in the hundreds of pages when you include all the forms, schedules, worksheets, and instructions.

And let's face it: some people, including otherwise intelligent people, simply do not have a facility for this sort of mathematical ping-pong, which I can say, having been a VITA volunteer and having actually run a VITA site for a number of years, can be incredibly intimidating, particularly for those who have tax issues that can fall far outside the norm - and which is a surprisingly common occurrence.



If your taxes are simple enough to use form 1040EZ, then you're going to do just fine with the free tier of the online tax prep services.

If they aren't, then there's a gap in the market between 1040EZ and can-afford-an-accountant, and it's kind of rude to tell people that their time and anxiety level is worth so little that they should never pay the $50-$150 to one of the online services to alleviate the stress and effort.

Yes, these companies are taking advantage of this, and it could and should be alleviated by reform of the tax-return system, but that doesn't mean people are making the wrong choice when they pay a fee to reduce their tax prep burdens.


If you're over 30 with a college degree and using a 1040-EZ still, you may well be a fuckup.



Under 40% of all working-age people in the US hold college degrees. The rest -- the majority of Americans, fuckups or not -- still have to pay their taxes.


Speaking of Moochers -- from the New York Times: "Their Tax Rate Is
0%. You should be jealous of Amazon, G.M. and Coors."
By David Leonhardt

"Thanks to President Trump’s 2017 tax law, the number of Fortune 500 companies that pay no federal taxes roughly doubled last year, to 60, according to an analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a research group. Some of them effectively paid negative taxes, because they received a refund.

As the law professors Rebecca Kysar and Linda Sugin have written, the Trump tax cut is financed 'on the backs of future generations.'

'At a time when the public’s confidence in our elected officials and our institutions is especially low, the specter of big corporations avoiding all income taxes on billions in profits sends a strong and corrosive signal to Americans: that the tax system is stacked against them, in favor of corporations and the wealthiest Americans,' writes Matthew Gardner, the lead author of the Institute on Taxation report."

But not you, Whinny.
You LIKE this shit.
Are you Pro Bono?

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