I doubt you have any idea what employees at a thrift store have to deal with and let roll. I have no problem with them drawing the line at theft.


Seriously. It's a slap in the face. They are trying to help people by giving them jobs and experience, not promoting thievery, and congratulating degeneracy. What a stupid thing to criticize.


@1 but it's ok for the President to receive stolen goods, so no harm no foul


Timothy, the vaccination bill doesn’t “force” parents to do anything. Kids can still be unvaccinated ... they just won’t be allowed in school or daycare.


Agree with the others above... what a stupid thing to criticize.

If you don’t want homeless people to get arrested for theft, tell the homeless to stop stealing shit. Sorry, you don’t get to ignore the law just because you’re homeless. Well, unless you’re in Seattle.

Apparently, The Stranger wants a separate set of laws: one set for the homeless and one set for everyone else. What a utopia.


Concurring with the others here. Goodwill uses the proceeds of their sales for their charitable efforts. Stealing deprives them of those proceeds. There are many types of homeless people in Seattle. Likely a small number of them are criminals. Only a child would think the solution for people committing crimes is to ignore them.


I think everyone concurring might be a first for a Stranger comment thread.

I think what others get hung up on is that "Goodwill, you know, that place that sells clothes and items they literally got for free" While true the second Goodwill accepts an article of clothing they are accumulating costs from the pick up, cleaning (hopefully), hanging items on the rack etc. I dont believe that Goodwill is raking in profits so theft can really hurt their operation.


"It seems super hypocritical for losers to steal from the very nonprofit trying to help them."
There, I fixed that sentence for you. I donate to Goodwill so they can help people, not tolerate more ignorant anti-social behavior from society's cockroaches.


I hope you will reprimand the corporate elite for our stolen taxes via corporate welfare.
It seems super hypocritical to not speak out about that. That is a major crime and very anti-social and ignorant but they aren’t going to jail are they? Talk about cockroaches.



I guess it's only "whataboutism" when other people do it, eh?


SLOG Comments: Where everyone's a Javert, and no one is a Jean Valjean...



Ivy's an anarchist, and anarchists refuse recognize the legitimacy of governments, elected or not, so that argument of yours won't hit the mark you're aiming it at.

But hey, congrats on taking the bait and shifting your attention from thrift-store theft to corporate malfeasance.


Goodwill definitely rocks and stealing is not cool
it is super annoying how Goodwill packs twenty pounds of misc toys in a bushel sized plastic glob and you have to buy the whole pack when you only want one thing in the bundle.


@16 Damn, you go to thought college or something?



Anarchists don't believe in "standards that are applied to actions of everyone," either. The other way to phrase that idea that is "a universal justice system," and anarchists reject it, preferring every perceived misbehavior be handled on an individual, ad-hoc basis, in the sort of open meeting of nearby interested people that anarchists pretend isn't a governme... er, invoke whenever they need to deal with issues that obviously affect lots of people in a society at once.

And yes, they do appear to get muddled about which things they believe in when they're in the midst of internet slap-fights, or perhaps they think it's clever to use their opponents' belief-structures against them (and conveniently avoid the chore of persuading anyone of the merits of their own beliefs).

But still, you've got give Ivy credit-- it worked. By now you've completely forgotten about homeless people stealing from charity-run thrift stores, and thus Ivy has no need to defend it anymore.


So being homeless gives one the right to shoplift now? And one thing not mentioned is retail theft harms everyone in the form of higher prices. Some people in our city govt and media think that anyone claiming to be homeless is suddenly above the law that needs to stop. Homeless have access to donated free clothes. If you look clothing is usually in such abundance that it ends up with the piles of trash they make at their illegal encampments. So there’s No excuse for stealing from Goodwill or any retailer for that matter. Those who think otherwise are enablers and they should pay for the loses stores incur due to theft by the “homeless”.

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