Nixon's impeachment was not inevitable when the hearings began against him. His defenders fell off in spurts until his own party tapped him on the shoulder and said "you do not have the votes to fight this anymore."


Jay Inslee had an announcement on FB calling for impeachment. I think he scooped Liz even.


The entire Democrat field for 2020 suffers from raging inconsolable penis envy...



I dunno, there seem to be quite a few cocksuckers and ass-play fetishists on your side of the aisle, judging from general comments by members of the GOP in the past couple of days...


Go, Senator Elizabeth Warren, GO!!!


Regardless of whether there are 67 votes in the Senate to convict, impeachment against this president is a required moral assignment for our republic to survive as well as to set a precedence (and not lower the bar) to establish high crimes and misdemeanors against future nasty and awful presidents.


If the House impeaches the president, which can be done by a simple majority vote, the Senate is constitutionally obligated to try them, with the Chief Justice of SCOTUS acting as presiding judge. It would be almost worth it to see how much the Senate GOP would have to convulse itself into knots trying to defend Preznit Cheeto-Bonespurs from the detailed and thoroughly substantiated charges made by Mueller. And even if (or more likely when) they vote to absolve him, the stain would be irreparable: the national Republican Party would forever branded as the craven partisan opportunists and criminal abettors we all know them to be.



Yeah, but we all thought they'd be branded that way after the Iraq/Afghanistan disasters and their destruction of the US economy, but here we are again.


The Russians aimed to divide us.

In the past the loser of the election congratulated the winner, we worked together as a nation and gave in another go in four years.
Not the Clinton voters.
"Resistance" is refusal to accept the legitimate elected President.
Liz and the rest of the Looney Left deranged by their blinding hatred of Trump are pawns of The Russians.
Hating Trump is not a formulae for leading the nation, the current Democrat field offers America nothing but rage, hate, spite, resentment.

Sure, insist on nominating a woman, or a person of whatever skin color you favor, etc etc.
We might as well start planning Trumps inauguration now...


"... the current Democrat field offers America nothing but rage, hate, spite, resentment."
--Siggy Sour

Projecting again.

This Illegitimate "president" needs to be shown the Door.
And the Dems are gonna help him Find it.
Not a moment too fucking soon.


@11 Mail your comment to Ken Starr in 1994, when his whitewater investigation began (four years and hundreds of millions of your $$$ later, he revealed that our president got a blowjob), when it might have done some good.

Now, it's just tone-deaf right-wing knee-jerking.


Trump should be impeached, but won't be, because he can't be convicted in the Senate. Also, Warren has no chance to win the Presidency, nor does Bernie Sanders.

Wake up. If you want to win, you have to do it with someone who can.


What the Democrats are doing to Barr is the same thing they called obstruction when Trump did it.
- Democrats are calling for Barr to resign knowing he's launching a investigation in to spying on the Trump campaign. They accused Trump of firing Comey because he was investigating Trump's campaign and ties to Russia

--Democrats are publicly undermining barrs credibility which they accused Trump of doing to Mueller

--They said its wrong that Barrs partisan for protecting Trump
But Trump said the same thing about stacking Mueller's team with pro Hillary people who were partisan and
Come protected Hillary which was also partisan.


I vote no on impeachment and yes on pursuing obstruction charges. I'd love to see him impeached and slinking off with his tail between his legs like Nixon did but I don't believe there's enough support for it to happen. As I understand it, Mueller's report has lots more proof of obstruction so we should fight that battle because it's one we can probably win.



" --Democrats are publicly undermining barrs credibility"

Credibility? United States Attorney General Bill Barr's doing the Opposite of being US AG -- he's now acting as Trumpfy's private Attorney, and no longers serves US, we the People, you know, the Citizenry. Barr's whole Job it is to Protect and Serve US -- NOT protect this President versus US.

" --Come protected Hillary which was also partisan."

'Protected,' like:

"Hillary Clinton would probably be president if FBI Director James Comey had not sent a letter to Congress on Oct. 28.

The letter, which said the FBI had 'learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation” into the private email server that Clinton used as secretary of state, upended the news cycle and soon halved Clinton’s lead in the polls, imperiling her position in the Electoral College.'"

Not sure I can concur with your conclusions, Arty.

Careful with that FOX -- the more you watch, the less you know.



And if Trumpfy and Co were reluctant to divulge?
Their Supreme Court now being very well stacked
they could stall or stop forever Progressive Dems in their tracks.

And if Impeachment were the only pathway to access that Information?
Might you be for it, in the face of extreme right-wing obstruction?

More of it, rather.


Oh yes please!
If it fails (and it will), Trump will be in a stronger position to run.
If it succeeds, President Pence will be running from the position of the incumbent...
Tell me again how this isn't a win-win for Republicans?

I mean shit... even the dementia ravaged octogenarian woman running The House realizes this. How is it you don't?

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